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Cornwall in G7 spotlight

  By Amit Roy THE village of Carbis Bay in Corn­wall seems a lovely location for the G7 summit to which the host, Boris Johnson, has invited Naren­dra Modi, among others. This is where both the British and Indian prime ministers will be keen to romance the new American president, Joe Biden, who is also […]

Misinformation misery

  By Amit Roy LORD SWRAJ PAUL tells me he and his wife, Aru­na, have had the first and the second doses of the vaccine (the Pfizer-BioN­Tech one, he thinks). “One of the privileges of age,” says Swraj, who will turn a sprightly 90 on February 18. “I’m happy that I’ve had the vaccine.” If […]

Healing needs courage

by MITA MISTRY  IF IN 2020 most of us collectively grieved in some way, then 2021 can become the year for healing. It can be the year to overcome losses, take better care of our mental and physical health, reshape our thoughts, live more and make meaningful changes in the world. But what does it […]

Trump could learn how to accept defeat from Vajpayee

By Amit Roy INDIAN democracy, for all its faults, seems much more mature than America’s, where it is work in progress. A true test of a democracy is whether the loser is willing to step down without claiming, “I waz robbed.” The world was impressed with the gracious manner in which the late Atal Bihari […]

Queen’s vaccine example

By Amit Roy THE Queen has set an example by letting it be known that she and Prince Philip have both had the Covid-19 vaccine in an effort to reassure those still worried about its safety. The vaccines were ad­ministered by a house­hold doctor at Windsor Castle where the royal couple have been living during […]

Queen’s multicultural message

  By Amit Roy THE Queen’s latest Christmas message was remarkably multicultural, with references to Passover, East­er, Eid, Vaisakhi, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Diwali, the Jamaican nurse in the Crimea, Mary Seacole, and “respect for all, regardless of gen­der, race or background”. There has probably been nothing like it since her first Christmas mes­sage via radio […]

Is Brexit really done?

  By Amit Roy FOUR and-a-half years after the referendum and following decades of be­ing an unhappy member of the European Union, the United Kingdom has finally struck out on its own, with consequences as yet unforeseen. Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and people of that ilk might claim “Brexit is done”, but I don’t really […]

Contribution of ‘wonder women’ behind the Oxford vaccine hailed

  By Amit Roy WHAT is not clear to me is how so many people are catching the new mutant strain of the coronavirus. The government has urged the public to wear masks, wash hands as frequently as possi­ble, maintain social distance, and avoid crowded places. And more recently, the guidance has included telling people […]

A more equal society

by Moeed Mirza I THINK the saying of ‘behind every great man is an even greater woman’ is very true. Most men who are successful have in some way been inspired, driven or supported by an important female figure in their lives. For me, personally, that figure was my dearest mother, who shaped me into […]

Suitability saga

By Amit Roy BBC TV’s adaptation of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy marked a landmark. Published in 1993, it took the BBC 27 years to bring the novel to the screen – never before has any UK broadcaster taken so much of a risk with a drama in which there were no white characters. Granada […]

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