Points-based system seeks ‘control with compassion’

By Sunder Katwala Director, British Future IMMIGRATION played a crucial role in the EU referendum of 2016. Without the loss of public confidence in how governments had handled im­migration over the previous decade, Remain rather than Leave might have narrowly won that public vote. Four years on, the government must now show what “taking back […]

Old boy network in the judiciary ‘is alive and well’

By Barry Gardiner Labour MP for Brent North “LUNCH at the Wig and Pen Club?” That was my reward for helping a barrister friend out on a tricky maritime case in the 1990s. But nothing edu­cated me about the old boy network of the legal profession quite so much as entering the gloomy interior of […]

Remembering Srebrenica: ‘Stand up to hatred and intolerance wherever, whenever we see them’ 

By Robert Jenrick Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government THIS week marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, the worst atrocity committed on mainland Europe since the Second World War.   More than 8,000 people were killed – mostly Muslim men and boys – and many more were affected, including over 20,000 women and girls […]

Why politicians and academics should choose their words wisely

By Amit Roy COMPLETE freedom of expression is fine in theory, but free speech sometimes has to be combined with restraint, especially when you are in a position of responsibility. This is something that appears to have escaped Imran Khan. A week ago, Pakistan’s prime minister said: “I will never forget how we Pakistanis were […]

‘Covid advice still needs to be culturally specific’

By Prof Kiran Patel and Prof Kamlesh Khunti COVID-19 has affected us all. Early data in the pandemic gave rise to concern that there was a dispropor­tionate impact on black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) patients and NHS staff. This resulted in many theories about why the inequality in risk and outcome was so stark. […]

‘Pharmacies deserve support after pandemic pressure’

By Mark Lyonette Chief Executive National Pharmacy Association (NPA) ONE of the striking fea­tures of coronavirus is the disproportionate impact it has had on black and minority eth­nic groups. Many pharmacies in the UK are owned and operated by British Asians, and an estimat­ed 43 per cent of phar­macy staff are from a BAME community. […]

‘We must do more to protect Asians from Covid-19’

  By Claudia Webbe Labour MP for Leicester East AT EVERY step in this crisis, from lockdown delay, PPE shortages and care home neglect, to track, trace and test­ing disinformation, the prime minister has failed to adequately pro­tect our communities. That is why the UK had the worst coronavi­rus death rate per capita of any […]

Health service is the best example of what integration truly means

By Sunder Katwala Director British Future thinktank I AM a child of the National Health Service. Like so many millions of us, I took my first breath in an NHS hospital – in my case, the Doncaster Royal Infirmary, on a bright April day in 1974. Marking the birthday of the NHS reminds us how […]

Telling family stories

By Amit Roy IF THESE months of liv­ing through the lockdown have demonstrated any­thing, it has been about the fragility of human life. It is also about the im­portance of putting down family histories, because stories should be passed on from one generation to the next before they are lost. At his home in Col­chester, […]

Asian journalists call for better BAME representation in media

By Amit Roy TWO senior journalists, Shekhar Bhatia and Vivek Chaudhary, have done a signal service in writing an open letter to the Society of Editors to make the case for greater diversity in Brit­ain’s newsrooms, saying it’s “time for change”. It is a persuasive letter written by Shekhar and Vivek, who have appealed for […]