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We’ll get through this

by PRIYA MULJI IT’S a weird world at the moment, with all sorts of unexpected things happening. One of these is chancellor Rishi Sunak currently being ogled by women of all races across the UK. Asian men generally do not do well on dating sites, but that picture of Rishi in his grey hoody, sitting in […]

Diana’s awakening

By Amit Roy PAUL BURRELL, 59, former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, has re­vealed the contents of a handwrit­ten note she sent him after visiting Mother Teresa’s home, Nirmal Hri­day, in Kolkata in February 1992, enclosing a prayer. I was there with her at the time and can confirm she was moved to tears, […]

Dr Nair believed to be first UK female medic to die from virus

By Amit Roy THERE was something very special about Poornima Nair, reportedly the first female doctor in the UK to die from Covid-19. Her death is a personal tragedy for her hus­band and son, who have shown great dignity, character and courage in telling me about their loss. But her patients, too, have expressed their […]

India’s war contribution to al­lied victory

By Amit Roy THE 75th anniversary of VE day last week came and went without much acknowledgement of the Indian contribution to al­lied victory. The Indian-origin his­torian Kusoom Vadgama, who has long tried to highlight the role played by Indian soldiers, said: “I am glued to the media, but no one has men­tioned the contribution […]

‘Treating all minorities as a homogenous group is a mistake’

By Amit Roy DURING the current pandemic, what more can be done to save the lives of British Asians? The government has finally rec­ognised there is a disproportionate number of deaths from coronavirus among ethnic minorities. It has asked Prof Kevin Fenton, regional director of public health at PHE (Public Health England) and NHS London, […]

Understanding Churchill’s finest hour

By Amit Roy INDIANS have reservations about Winston Churchill because of his hostility to the whole idea of Indian independence, his ir­rational hatred for Mahatma Gandhi and his alleged com­plicity in aggravating the effects of the Bengal famine of 1943-44, in which an estimated three million people died. Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and […]

The great connect

by MITA MISTRY “WHEN people go within and connect with themselves, they realise they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things.” Armand DiMele One thing that’s surfaced in these times of social distancing is how connected we really are. It reminds me of a classic book I read as […]

West Bengal park bids farewell to Madhubala

By Amit Roy AFTER the news that actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor had died on succes­sive days, when I read that Madhubala had passed away too, I confess my ini­tial reaction was, “Oh, no.” What was it Shakespeare said in Hamlet? “When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!” But the […]

Kashmir issue ‘should not infect UK politics’

By Amit Roy SIR KEIR STARMER has realised something that Jeremy Corbyn did not, with fatal consequences for the former Labour party lead­er – which is that Kashmir is the coronavirus of British politics. If you get infected by the India versus Pakistan politics of Kashmir, dating back to the Partition in 1947, you are […]

Lockdown ‘intensifies risk of domestic abuse’

By Aneeta Prem Freedom Charity FREEDOM is something we are all looking for­ward to just as soon as this corona nightmare is over, and we are once again allowed to associate with others and go where we please when we like. Ten years on from founding the Freedom charity, I had no idea how much […]

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