Your big day blooms by expert Diksha Patel



WHETHER it is the aisle, ceremony, bridal bouquet or the decorative touches at the reception, flowers add that something special to a wedding and give it the romantic feeling all couples want.

But selecting the right flowers isn’t just about picking something you like and going with it, because a lot goes into creating that perfect floral look.

With that in mind, Eastern Eye got expert Diksha Patel from Flowers In Style to give some top tips.

Budget: First and foremost, it is very important to set a budget and communicate that clearly to a supplier, who can also advise you about the costs. When setting a budget take into account extra things like delivery, set-up, accessories like vases and that certain flowers will cost a lot more when they are not in season.

Research: Do your own research before contacting the supplier, as this will help you get an idea of what is possible on the budget that has been set and what types of flowers are available. Find out names of flowers, arrangements and bouquets you like. Also talk to couples, read reviews, look at wedding magazines and look online for ideas.

Diksha Patel

Venue: Get an understanding of the wedding and reception venues before designing or selecting the floral arrangement. Some venues are such that you can make a big impression with fewer flowers, but others may require something more or specific to bring it to life. Opt for a flower arrangement that looks like it will belong in the venue selected along with the décor you have in mind. Make sure you keep the seating and table arrangements in mind.

Questions: Once an appointment has been booked, have all the questions ready for the supplier. This will enable you to get a fuller understanding of what is possible. Ask them for suggestions and different options. Be prepared to answer questions they have like venue details, planned seating arrangements and capacity. Only when totally satisfied, should you book the supplier and that too should be done at least six months in advance.

Information: Once the supplier has been booked you need to provide them with as much information as possible, especially if they have been hired to do the arrangements and designs at the venues. The more they know in advance, the better it’ll be done. Communicate everything from the venue details to the vision you have in mind for the wedding.

Knowledge: A little knowledge does go a long when creating the perfect floral design within the budget. Remember images in brochures are often photo-shopped, so see the flowers close up. Also, there are lookalikes available if a certain out of season flower is too expensive or not available. Remember, many flowers come in different colours and others have very specific meanings. Direct sunlight speeds up the wilting process and take into account setting-up time when booking a delivery. Other things to consider are how the flowers will look in photos and next to the wedding dress.

Bridal bouquet: Yes, the extravagant floral designs will be eye-catching and grand, but the most important flowers will be in the bridal bouquet. That is going to be centre of attention and will come in most of the photos. Take care and attention on this, including matching it with the wedding dress and spend money on it. You can personalise a bouquet by adding flowers or accessories that have a special meaning to you. Keep the bridesmaids’ bouquet simple, but classy.

Rent: There are a lot of useful flower accessories like vases, arches and candles that can be rented out, including from suppliers.

Recycle: It is very easy to recycle the flowers quickly and efficiently. Floral arrangements from the ceremony can be re-used at the wedding reception in various ways and made to look different, but just as effective. This will save on cost and keep a running theme.

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