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Why Crypto Blogs? A Definite Guide for Beginners

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Today we are going to discuss three of the best blogs relating to cryptocurrency. Before going into the details about each blog individually, it is pertinent to understand few basics about the blogs which would give the reader a better understanding and related knowledge with respect to the importance and purpose of crypto blogs.

What are blogs?

Although most of us are familiar with the concept of what blogs are but there may be people who might have heard about the blogs but do not know the concept. To begin with, Ledger wallet(렛저 지갑) is a website which contains information and material which is updated on regular basis and is generally operate by one individual or in some cases by a small group of people. The concept of blogs came in 90s and in the beginning blogs were more about a person’s diary, life events and biography where people were able to read the posts as well as gave their comments and feedback. But with the passage of time the concept of blogs kept expanding. Today the concept of blog is not just about persons – it has expanded enormously over the years.

Purpose of blogs

Now you have understood what is a blog, let us move on to the next step about what is the purpose of blogs. The objective of the blog is to promote individuals, businesses, products or services to help the markets grow and economies flourish. In simple words bitcoin trader a person can buy and sell through these blogs. Another use could of collecting information and gaining knowledge about businesses, products or services. For example one kind of blog is an Edublog. This is an education based blog which provides online learning and education to students. The most popular blogs types are of fashion, food, travel, music, lifestyle, sports, finance, business, political etc. A good blog is such which can keep the reader busy in reading the posts and, at the same time, invites more targeted audience.

Being myself a person interested in business and trade, and more specifically cryptocurrency, my first choice would be to browse those blogs which talk about cryptocurrencies. On daily basis I browse various blogs which discuss the cryptocurrencies and I am glad to list out three of the most uptodate and helpful blogs in terms of providing great learning and better understanding about the cryptocurrency market, business opportunities, benefits and latest trends.

I am going to give my neutral feedback about the three blogs which may come handy for those people who are already in the business of cryptocurrency and who want to be a part of it in the near future. To me the three standout blogs are Neuer Capital (neuercapital.org), Cointelegraph and CryptoNewsz. Let us discuss what these three blogs have to offer.

  1. https://neuercapital.org/

I have been through various cryptocurrency blogs but according to my personal viewpoint https://neuercapital.org/ truly stands out at number one spot in my list. To me, the blog is easy to use and the design of it is not very complicated. The information contained on this blog is so simple that you do not need to browse into multiple tabs which when compared with others becomes quite messy and one cannot stick to his interest as his attention is taken away by advertisements and multifarious topics appearing on the blog page. Firstly, at Neuer Capital, they are fully aware of how to keep the targeted audience undistracted.

Secondly, the blog successfully serves its purpose of promoting cryptocurrency business and provides a great deal of learning about the cryptocurrency business industry. There are several topics of great interest for those who are interested in cryptocurrency business. For example the most recent topic at Neuer Capital is Crypto Finance Guide – How to invest in Cryptocurrencies which is a guide giving tips about how to invest in cryptocurrency by minimizing risk factors, how to spot scams, pointing out the right time to invest in the crypto industry and how you can store cryptocurrency.

Then there is topic called Ways to find out if a cryptocurrency is a scam. This topic more elaborately highlights tips to identify whether a cryptocurrency is a scam by giving you close insight as to how you can avoid falling into their trap. It talks about websites such as Reddit and Quora from where one can fetch information about the latest news concerning cryptocurrency market and find out the legitimacy and authenticity of already existing and new cryptocurrencies.

Thirdly, one of the most prominent and amazing feature of the blog is that it contains feedback of the people who share their experience about the blog and how it has been helpful for both categories of people – those who are already affiliated with the cryptocurrency market and those who are beginner traders. For anyone looking to join the cryptocurrency market I would recommend him to visit Neuer Capital or any other blog which can give him learning, knowledge and information about the market.

  1. Cointelegraph

At number 2 on my list is the blog of Cointelegraph. As compared to Neuer Capital this blog is a bit complicated. But nonetheless for a fashioned trader or investor in the field of cryptocurrency market this blog too is also very popular because it provides great insight about the prevailing market conditions, trends and business opportunities as well as insightful opinion pieces and editorials on the subject.

It has been in the field since 2013 and enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular and leading blog site in terms of providing news relating to blockchain technology and crypto assets. However, in my person view, for a beginner this blog is complicated but this is my personal view which may differ from others.

  1. Cryptonewsz

The third stand out blog in my list is Cryptonewsz which also covers events, news and information about the latest trends in crypto industry and blockchain technology. Founded very recently in the year 2018, this too, in my personal opinion, is however not a perfect guide for beginners looking to be a part of crypto industry. What they are really good at is that they have been able to give crypto updates instantly before they become a mainstream.

To me their most important feature is that they conduct interviews of some of the most influential individuals who are part of the crypto industry. This is the main reason why Cryptonewsz is at number 3 spot in my list. Because it is important for me to have a close look and understand the crypto market from the perspective of those who are able to provide more meaningful first-hand knowledge and experience about the industry.

A beginners’ guide

One should not doubt that the future is cryptocurrency. The crypto market has expanded to an unimaginable extent over the years. One of the reason why this industry has expanded so rapidly is because in the year 2017 initial bitcoin investors made billions of profits overnight. This helped paving the way for others who without wasting any time joined the club realizing the fact as to how much potential and huge amounts of profits cryptocurrency industry has to offer. A recent study suggests that a thousand dollar worth investment in cryptocurrency has increased a worth of approximately half a million dollar in less than five years.

The industry has been witnessing rapid increase in terms of investors as well as launching of new cryptocurrencies. It may be pertinent to add that in 2009 Bitcoin price increased upto US$ 19,000 per coin which made it one of the mainstream trading business. But there are good sides and bad sides, some advantages and disadvantages. No matter how much you fancy about things to be ideal and fair as per your liking, but reality does not work that way. There is no denying the fact that there are people who have lost every penny due to loss and sometimes due to scam while investing in cryptocurrency.

There are many who were under spot light, broke records and then vanished just because they made hasty decisions, lacked composure and above all were impatient. The key of success in crypto industry relies on your ability to have patience and wait for the right time and opportunity before investing your hard earned money. You should read a lot about the cryptocurrency you want to invest in, do your due diligence about the authenticity and legitimacy of the developer and then make your mind whether you want to invest in or not.

Final thoughts

The sole purpose of this review is to guide a beginner that a well-thought of investor/trader should must consider opinions and tips offered by the 3 blogs discussed above so as to arrive at a rightful decision if he wishes to be a part of this ever growing industry. Last but not the least, do not hesitate to seek help from the websites of Reddit and Quora by asking questions from those who have been a part of the industry for a very long time.


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