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What Tends to Make Asian Brides: Find Out More

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Nowadays, plenty of men worldwide dream about getting a Japanese bride. Nowadays, lots of websites help with it. Still, choosing the right platform may be pretty difficult, so we recommend taking a look at some reviews before choosing a platform. For example, at 99brides.com, you can take a look at reviews and learn more about brides from different countries. This will help a lot, trust us.

So, what makes Asian ladies so desirable? Let’s talk about one interesting phenomenon. Men unconsciously choose girls whose appearance speaks of their health and youth and, accordingly, reproductivity. It is unlikely that pimples or a dull appearance will attract anyone. Everyone prefers bright eyes, shiny, thick hair, and smooth skin. From a natural point of view, this is the most suitable object for love. Everyone knows that.

But not everyone knows that there are other indicators of sensuality and fertility. Short legs and feet below average mean a high level of female sex hormones. A voice also matters; in women of reproductive age, it is higher and more sonorous. The subconscious of men reads this and reacts accordingly. And another feature is that short, fragile women awaken the instinct of a defender in any man. They want to protect and take care of such a baby. That’s some of the main reasons that make Asian hotties so desirable. Their unique eroticism makes them even more attractive in foreigners’ eyes.

Facts About Asian Girls

It is generally accepted that Slavic girls are the most beautiful in the world, so why do men often look for Asian women? The fact is that they perfectly correspond to all the above parameters, but there are several other facts about them you should know.

  • Oriental girls are very different from Europeans; they have slanted eyes, expressive cheekbones, long shiny hair, and small breasts. By the way, for many hundreds of years, the barely noticeable breasts of Japanese women were considered a symbol of femininity. They are miniature and have gentle and thin voices. But do not be attracted by appearance exclusively until you see an Asian womanwith no makeup on. An impeccable image is sometimes just the result of virtuoso makeup. By the way, plastic surgery to increase eye incision is so popular that parents even give it to girls as a gift for graduation. But local brides never overdo it.
  • Education and good manners are other important points. An exotic girlfriend from one of the Asian countries will not allow herself to discuss or humiliate her man. Even if she is very dissatisfied, she will not make a scandal. She won’t interfere in her friend’s relationship. Usually, Asian girls are well brought up; you will rarely hear them swearing.
  • Family is really important for these brides. They are not particularly demanding and uncomplainingly perform duties at home and in relationships.

Often, men look for exotics and new sensations and think that Asian women are special and unique. In fact, they are right.

Sex Culture of Japan and China

Now, let’s talk a bit about sex culture. Westerners and Asians treat intimate issues completely differently. We have completely different cultures, so the attitude to sex is not the same either.


Japanese sex culture dates back hundreds of years; even then, they were already engaged in what modern people have just invented. Training of intimate female muscles with balls began to be practiced many centuries ago in Japan. The concepts of “sinful” or “shameful” simply did not exist in this country; same-sex sex and male polygamy were always normal here.

It was believed that a man should have at least three women for each type of activity. For example, a wife gives birth to children. A prostitute is needed for sex, and a geisha is the best person for aesthetics and pleasant conversations.

There is a lot to say about the sexual culture of ancient Japan, but it all ended with the fact that the Western and European world began to impose its concepts on the people of Asia – there should be only one wife, and everything else must be considered debauchery.

In Japan, virtual porn fun and various sex toys have been created, and porn magazines can be read even in the subway. There are a lot of clubs for lovers of any deviation. Nevertheless, Japanese women do not like public tenderness and are embarrassed to have sex in nature or in the car, fearing that someone will see them.


Confucianism has had and is having a great influence on the culture of sex in China. Confucius considered women as lower creatures, and in old China, it was not even customary to give them a name. The woman had to obey her family and husband; she was only required to be faithful, homely, and lack jealousy. In general, the Chinese have long perceived sex rather than getting the energy that is needed to improve and prolong life. In sexual contact, a man gives energy, and a woman receives it. The Chinese also believed that it was harmful to have sex with the same woman all the time, so it was recommended to enjoy it with a large number of ladies.

During the “cultural revolution,” the Communists tried to destroy Confucian traditions, but the ruling elite did not deny them much erotic entertainment. By old age, Comrade Mao literally covered himself with young girls who had to increase his vitality. Nowadays, new technologies and the development of economic ties have led to a certain emancipation. Now Chinese women can also surf the Internet, have fun, use cosmetics, and dress as they like. It’s funny that after getting rid of the pressure of the Communist Party and losing old traditions, typical new-generation representatives are focused on themselves. They are mainly interested in expensive gadgets, clothes, cosmetics, beautiful avatars, and entertainment, and they do not really want to get married. But there are still women who dream about strong families.

How to Find an Asian Woman

If you want to meet a girl from an Asian country, you should know that these girls don’t like to get acquainted on the street, and if anything, they can call the police. So, you can try to find a lady on the street, but we strongly recommend doing it with the help of dating services. They are quick, secure, convenient, and provide lots of fun. So, choose a reliable option, and good luck!




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