Wait a bit longer for Kapil Sharma’s show

Kapil Sharma’s show is always the talk of the town either for its comedy or for the controversies and people are eagerly waiting for it to make a comeback on television but the wait seems to have got longer.

In a report, The Kapil Sharma Show might not go on air anytime soon as the actor-comedian has been counselled to stay away from pressure for a while now. According to his near and dear one’s, he has been doing much better after returning from the ayurvedic treatment centre in Bengaluru but the comedian is not fit enough to resume the shoot of his comedy show from next month.

Kapil’s friend told “The show will return only when Kapil has fully recovered. Kapil has realised health is the most important thing in life. As for the show, it is very dear to him and it isn’t going anywhere.”

Previously in an interview, Kapil said, “I have been working for the last 10 years without a break and I needed medical help to combat anxiety, blood pressure, and sugar problems and correct an unbalanced diet. I thought it was best to take a break before another problem that I couldn’t control cropped up.”

Kapil had to complete his medical course in Bengaluru in 40 days, but he requested to leave in just 12 days as he has his movie Firangi releasing in November this year. “He needed to return to Mumbai to complete his film Firangi and start promoting and marketing it for its November release.