Vivek Oberoi becomes the brand ambassador of health and fitness

As the world is focusing on health and fitness, it is not surprising that the actors too have chosen healthy lifestyle by being associated with various brands that promote health and well being. Moreover, in this fast paced life, health has always taken a backseat, which is why more and more people are centered towards adopting healthy lifestyle.

Being the brand ambassador of IchakDana which is a food and beverages franchise management company, Vivek Oberoi claims to be the massive supporter of health and fitness. As per the IANS reports, Vivek said, “I am a huge proponent of health and fitness and I take pride in being part of IchakDana. I chose this food chain as an investment choice based on the consideration that it is in sync with my philosophy of having healthy, hygienic and convenient food.”

Reportedly, IchakDana has a an investment from Vivek Oberoi. The company’s objective is to ease food consumption through their food and beverage channel.

“We are delighted to bring Vivek on board as the flagbearer of our brand and as an investor. His ideology as a fitness enthusiast with a passion for healthy food perfectly matches our line of thought and business philosophy. Vivek has a huge fan following and we look forward to his mass brand appeal for conveying our message,” said Sonya Chowdhry, who is the Director of IchakDana.

The brand also publicized their association by owning the franchise rights of the restaurants which is popularly known for their quick service–Café Udupi Ruchi and Chicken Xpress.