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Vikram Bhatt tells daughter Krishna to not pretend to be a product of nepotism

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s daughter Krishna who will be soon stepping into the shoes of a director to direct a web original, has received an open letter from her father advising her  to deal fame and criticisms. The letter which has been posted on Facebook by Vikram Bhatt also mentions that she should need not act as if she is the result of nepotism.

He told his daughter that filmmaking is a business of entertainment and that she should not worry about posterity. He also mentioned that filmmakers are entertainers not historians.

“People come to us to be entertained. People dont come to us for education, moral science classes or civic lessons. Dont talk down to people or claim to know more than them. We really dont know more than them. We just have a skill that is all,” he said.

He also asked her to not to make an effort to please everyone, as she won’t be able to do so.

“There will be some who will call you a product of nepotism and run you down. Dont try to pretend that you are not. You are the product of nepotism and that is fine. I have worked hard all my life so that you have it easier than me,” he said.

He added that nepotism will only pave way for opportunities and not success.

“Success depends on talent and not opportunity. There are scores of examples of nepotism in this place that have failed, some even after more than one chance at it so remember its only your talent that will get you by in the final analysis,” he said. Additionally, he said that tackling criticisms would be a difficult task.

“Here is the golden rule for any filmmaker, make films for the people who pay to watch your films. Don’t listen to anyone who does not pay for he has no investment in you or your work,” he said.

Vikram stated that only stories work in the film industry.”Try new stories. You may fail and that is okay. Don’t be scared to fail. With time this place will make you fear failure but don’t fear it… Stay current. Stay innovative,” he added.

On the concluding note he said, “Lastly my love, don’t get caught up in this hall of fame business. Everything fades with time. However successful you are today, there will be a time when you will be forgotten. So live life to the fullest.”