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Vidya Balan: Women never had the courage to talk about sexual harassment

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan feels that the reason why women don’t voice about sexual harassment is because it results into them being judged. Vidya Balan said that sexual harassment is not restricted to entertainment industry alone.

“Women never had the courage to talk about sexual harassment as invariably the finger would be pointed back at them. Which is why, I think whether sexual harassment or rape, women have always found it difficult to talk about it. It exists in every industry. Here (in entertainment industry) it gets written about. The film industry is a part of the society. Here it gets amplified and that is the only difference. In the West, it has happened to powerful and successful people and they did not do anything about it. So you think, ‘I am not the only one (facing it)’. But people have started talking, revealing things,” she said.

Vidya Balan revealed that she chose to avoid people whose vibes made her uncomfortable as she never was dependent upon acting to earn her basic needs.

“Walking away was my defence mechanism. I could walk away because I had a home to go back to. I had family, I had food on my plate and I had nothing to worry about. Lot of people have circumstances that are different.” The actor said.

Vidya further went on to say that although she never stooped before any compromise in order to get work, she chooses to not judge people who have. Balan said, “As a woman, you have the sixth sense and instinct. No one has asked me for a coffee. If I went to have coffee with someone, it was because I wanted to go. I felt it was below my dignity to get work in any other way. I don’t judge others who had to use any sort of means as everyone’s circumstances are different.”

Vidya will be seen next in Tumhari Sulu which will release on November 17.