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Varun Dhawan: I don’t think anyone is treating me differently

Having achieved stardom ever since his debut film Student Of The Year, Varun Dhawan explains that he receives no special treatment from his dear ones.

Varun said, “My family and friends treat me the same way. I did not have my lunch today and my mom shouted at me, I don’t think anyone is treating me differently. I am still getting the same treatment. For me, it is about putting a smile on people’s faces. Our box office was not going through a good time when Judwaa 2 was going to release and soon things changed as the film did well. The box office is looking good now as quite a few films did well after Judwaa 2.”

Apart from acting, Varun is also known for his dancing skills. The actor who is the brand ambassador of hip-hop dance festival in India, Breezer Vivid Shuffle, said, “There has been a dance revolution in India. Most of the dance scene that we see in Hindi films today is not the actual dance that is out there… Today, different forms have hit India. And it is incredible. Through this festival, we are giving artistes a platform as the dance scene is massive in India.”

Since the early age, Varun has always been drawn towards the hip-hop genre, he said, “I used to wear baggy pants, thinking if I dress like then I am (living the) hip-hop way. I used to get reprimanded in school. (It was) when I started listening to the songs and their stories, that I understood their culture.”