Uncle and nephew jailed for raping underage girls

TWO relatives have been jailed for more than 30 years for raping and drugging teenager girls.

Uncle and nephew Shazad Rehman, 30, and Bilal Hussain, 23, apparently raped a teenage girl “one after the other”, before committing a series of assaults and brutal rapes on other un­derage females.

The two have been impris­oned for a total of 36 years after it was understood they were picking the girls off the streets of Keighley, Bradford.

Rehman has been sentenced to 18 and a half years and Hussain for 17 and a half years.
The pair were sentenced last week at Bradford Crown Court after the jury found them guilty of all charges. This included rape, assault and for providing cannabis to underage girls.

Judge Jonathan Rose told them: “Over a period of some months, beginning in May 2010, both of you engaged in a course of conduct which has become increasingly and depressingly familiar in this country.

“It is conduct which is perni­cious, wicked and determined. It involved the targeting of young girls. Girls who were already damaged. Girls who were already very vulnerable. Girls who were immature and seeking, perhaps, adventure, companionship, af­fection and even love.”

Judge Rose commented that although the men did not reside in Keighley, they would go to the town to find “unhappy” children who would go with them. The girls were taken to hotels and some would go missing for days.

The girls not tell anyone as they feared being labelled “slags”.

Rehman continued to seek out girls to abuse even on bail.