UK Online Gambling Set for Growth in 2020

The gross yield in the UK online gambling industry between 2018 and 2019 was over £5 billion, which is more than a third of the overall return from all UK gambling. The online segment of this flourishing industry is more than pulling its weight, and due to events in 2020, it could become the most profitable and exciting aspect of gambling throughout the UK.

An Eventful 2020 for the Gambling Industry

2020 has been an eventful year across industries, and the online gambling industry in the UK is no different. It began with some cornerstone changes set forth by the UK Gambling Commission, such as the blanket ban on credit card deposits to keep players safe.

Then as social distancing restrictions were implemented, it drove significant interest in gambling on the net from people who usually bet at the casino in person, as well as sports fans who typically enjoy their gambling with sports bets.

PartyCasino is one of the UK’s biggest gambling sites on the web and has reported increased traffic during the first two quarters of 2020. These numbers are confirmed and backed up by other gambling operators that see the same trend due to recent worldly circumstances that has had a major impact on all type of online businesses. Another factor mentioned is that the industry are finding new ways to market new products such as social gaming, iGaming, and new technology helps to broaden the demography.

Reasons Why Online Gambling Will Keep Growing

Gambling industry experts are predicting that the industry will continue to grow with no immediate end in sight. The reason for this continued growth is multifaceted, including:

  1. Technology Advancements

Make no bones about it, technology is the driving force behind internet gambling. It is what made it possible, and it is what will help it develop. For example, the new live dealer games at most trusted operators are driving traffic and providing gaming experiences equivalent to real casino visits. Thanks to smooth streaming technologies, there is no need to go to your local casino for a lifelike gaming experience.

  1. Modern Games

The current casino clientele did not grow up with slot machines. They grew up with the latest video games with superb visuals. And that is why online brands are expanding to cater to this market with better gams with improved visuals. Moreover, it is not just about card games and roulette anymore. Some of these casinos are making new titles centered around pop culture TV shows and board games. Ultimately, they are adapting with the times to create the best online casino games you could imagine.

  1. New Marketing

Gambling used to be a hobby only adopted by men, but that is in the past. Thanks to online casinos dedicated to women only and relevant feminine marketing, the number of  players is not just increasing. But it is levelling out in terms of genders. More women are choosing to gamble online than ever before – and that could make the industry worth rise exponentially. After all, over half of the population are female.

  1. Smartphone Improvements

Mobile gambling is overtaking other forms of digital betting. And thanks to the improvements being made in the development of smartphones, playing live games and better quality titles are possible. This is just one more way that technology advancements are feeding the online gambling industry in the UK.

Our improving smartphones are also partly responsible for the increased demand in online social games.

These are just some of the reasons why the gambling industry is riding a huge wave that doesn’t look like breaking soon.