Two guilty over £7m Heathrow heist

GUILTY: Mohammed
Siddique; and (right)
Ranjeev Singh
GUILTY: Mohammed Siddique; and (right) Ranjeev Singh

TWO MEN were found guilty last Thursday (5) of conspiring to steal £7 million from Heathrow airport.

Mohammed Naheen Siddique, 32, and Ranjeev Singh, 40, staged a rob­bery to steal bags of cash due to be transported to the Bank of Ireland on March 14, Kingston crown court heard.

The former security guards had been tasked to pick up the cash from the British Airways cargo depot from Heathrow Airport.

After collecting the money, the pair made an unauthorised stop and Sid­dique drove off while Singh was in the bathroom. It took Singh 20 minutes to raise the alarm. The pair proceeded to then create the impression of a rob­bery; Siddique’s hands and ankles were bound with cable ties and he was left on a service road near the M40 in Buckinghamshire.

Singh and Siddique were arrested after questions were raised regarding Singh’s inexplicable delay in raising the alarm and Siddique’s unreliable account of what had occurred.

Hussain’s wife, Razvana Zeib, was further charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering after inves­tigations exposed £900,000 had been moved to a Pakistani bank account opened in her name.

Detective chief inspector Mark Bed­ford, of the Met’s Flying Squad, said: “Although this was an organised theft involving months of planning, it would not have been possible without the calculating and devious actions of Singh and Siddique, who abused their positions to subvert the secure pro­cesses put in place to prevent this type of offence.

“Both men are now likely to receive substantial custodial sentences.”