His onscreen presence in television shows like Uttaran, Navya, Mahabharat, Surya Putra Karna garnered him popularity and admiration from the audience in India and abroad where his shows are telecasted in the countries like Indonesia, Armenia and many other parts of the world, that has the audience preference for shows which are based on reality and about Indian history.

Aayush Shah says, “It feels great to be accepted by other country’s audience and been respected for the hard work. I do get messages on social media sites about coming and visiting their country and meeting fans, they send gifts and letters which make me feel so proud that my work is being appreciated and honoured from different parts of country.”

Talking about his film, he said,”I got an offer to be a part of a film name A daughters tale- PANKH. After knowing the concept which is on  Beti bachao, Beti padhao I felt not giving it a second thought and being part of this film. My character name is Karan who is the male lead has 3  sisters in the family being from a rich family, how the only male in the sibling gets all the freedom, being spoilt and allowed to do whatever he feels like. I am playing the lead role in the film from negative I turn to positive towards the end. We shot for the film in Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana and Shilma. I also had spoken to people from these different places and came across so many things that we aren’t still aware of.”

“This film has definitely changed my mindset and perception towards things. The campaign that Narendra Modiji is leading is what we all need to support for the betterment of all be it male or female because equality is what needs to prevail in our country to make us better as an individual. This film is not just a campaign but the content of the film will make the viewers active participant towards the social good of all. I hope the way I am accepted on television the same way I get appreciated for this film and I hope I also help to pass this message around “Education is important for all be it a male or female”. I will want to be part of many such films which can create awareness for the betterment of all,” added Aayush.