TV actors share their gratitude on Teacher’s Day

Indian television actors share their thoughts on Teacher’s Day that marks the honour of India’s first vice president and second president Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on September 5, 1888.

Sahil Uppal who plays Kunal in Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan said, “I would like to pay my gratitude to all my teachers who have helped me throughout my academic years but mostly importantly I want to take this opportunity to wish my mother, ‘A Happy Teacher’s Day’. She has and will always be my first teacher, who helped me through every phase of my life. My mother has always been the best and the most perfect teacher to me.

Meera Deosthale who plays Chakor in Udann said, “One person who I am really grateful is my mentor, Vinod Patel sir who helped me believe in myself. Whenever I think of him, I remember how he used to encourage me to work towards my dreams. One example was the time when he assured me that I would top my 10th standard exams and I eventually did. Vinod sir is not just a teacher but he has been a guide and mentor to me, who has always blessed me with his honest advice and teachings. And, I would take this opportunity to wish him, A Happy Teacher’s Day.”

Helly Shah who plays Devanshi in Devanshi said, “Everyday is a new learning for me as I get to learn something from people who I come across in my daily life. But, two people who have made a huge difference in my life is Siddharth Sengupta Sir and Aziz Sir who have guided me during my first show. They were the ones, who put their trust in me and gave me the confidence to face the camera and gave me advice for my acting career. I will always be grateful and thankful to both of them.”