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Top Casual Mobile Games That You Can Play With Your Family During Winter Vacations

By: Eastern Eye Staff

The winter vacations are almost here, and you know what that means! More precious time to enjoy with our beloved family and friends.

It’s a time of bonding and catching up with family over the winter holidays that feels comforting and warm. It’s a chance to reconnect with relatives and friends and share exciting memories.

To continue the vibe of joy and laughter, we’re bringing to you the top casual games that you can play during this holiday season. We suggest you try them out, in no particular order –

First Person Shooters

While some would argue that first-person shooters are on the more serious end of the gaming spectrum, no list would be complete without mentioning first-person games and the quality of graphics and gameplay they bring to the table.

A First-person game gives you the experience of playing through the eyes of the character, truly personifying the experience and immersing you into the storyline. There is no shortage of good FPS games on the internet today, so I strongly recommend you try out one or two to see what you like best.

Mobile Racing Games 

Racing games are filled with adrenaline and fast-paced action, either driving a car, riding a motorcycle or flying a plane.

Modern mobile racing games combine crip graphics and top-notch gameplay using the accelerometer and gyroscope of the phone. This results in a more interactive experience with the vehicle in-game.

While many online racing games are free, they may include in-app microtransactions to level up within the game. Still, they’re worthy of checking out and only.

Snake & Ladder

Snake & Ladder is a game of luck. The rules are quite simple and straightforward. When it’s your turn, you roll the dice. The number that you roll is the number of steps forward you take on the board.

If you land on a ladder, you go to the top of the ladder, in other words, you move upward. , if you land on a snake, you travel downwards to the bottom of the snake.

Apart from this there also a ton of board games you can look at like,


When you think about online games, it’s hard to think of many that are better than Ludo. The simplicity of the game, the way it brings people together, are all reasons that people love the game of Ludo. Maybe it’s just the fact that it can be all up to a dice roll to decide your fate!

It’s easy to get lost in hours of fun when sitting around a circle and playing together with your friends.

While luck does play a huge “role” in how a game goes (pun intended), your skills are what will set you apart in a game of Ludo.

Try and space out your pawns and protect the ones that are further along. Also, avoid making any mistakes like moving the wrong pawn or knocking them over accidentally.

As long as you’re playing diligently and luck is on your side, you can look forward to winning games as easy as apple pie.

To make that pie even sweeter, you can play a ludo game and earn money at the same time!

LudoSupreme rewards you with real money when you win prizes. You could even compete in tournaments against other professional players to test your skill and see who comes out on top.


A very wise man once said,

“Chess is the struggle against the error.” – Johannes Zukertort

Zukertort was a Polish Chessmaster born in 1842. He won several championships during his time. Vishwanathan Anand and Magnus Carlson are also famous masters of the game that showed great temperament and judgement with their Chess moves.

Whether you’re a pro, a beginner or never played chess before, now is a great time to browse through chess games that you can play with your friends online today! On both the Google Play Store and even the Apple Store, you can find ones that allow you to earn real cash simultaneously.

Online Word Games

According to Harvard Medical School, word games are good for your mental health because they keep your brain exercised and active. The stimulation from playing word games keeps your brain constantly using its abilities sharply and powerfully.

People of all ages love word games! Puzzles and riddles can keep you occupied for hours if you enjoy playing them. There are a ton of cool word games you can try out,

  • Scrabble
  • Crosswords
  • Word Puzzles
  • Word Hangman

You can easily find plenty of free online games to play with any of your buddies who also have the same application. If you love word games, you should certainly try out one of the above picks today!

Online Snooker And Pool

If you love playing a smart game of snooker, or a fast-paced and fun game of pool, you can find everything that you’re looking for online today!

Snooker requires plenty of skill and attention to detail. ‘Snooking’ the opponent is arguably equally as important as potting balls in this game. It’s where dexterity and foresight shine.

Playing pool is fun, and learning trick-shots and advanced moves can change your game and take you to another level of expertise. Regular practice and consistency can make you a professional at playing pool online in no time.

If you’re into Snooker and Pool and can’t wait to start playing, you can browse the Google Play Store and Apple Store for games that you can play online and win actual currency with today!


Yes, there are a ton of casual online games you can find this winter season.

The internet is a vast space, and for the sake of saving time, we’ve gone ahead and found the top games you should try like ludo, scrabble, word games, and more!

From FPSs to Snake & Ladder, we’ve covered the top games you can enjoy with everyone around you this holiday season!

If you’re looking for a ludo download that you can play on your smart device, look no further than Ludo Supreme.

All you would need is your internet-connected mobile phone, and you’re all set to start playing right now. You could even get some practice in before the holiday season.

So don’t forget to try out these top casual games with your family and friends this winter. They should help you have a great time and make plenty of fun memories to remember for many years to come!

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