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My Top 10 by Eisha Acton

Pursue your purpose: After years of the­atre school in London and winning beau­ty pageants in my teens, I graduated from Kingston University and moved to India on a modelling contract. Modelling full-time enabled me to use my influence to draw attention to the things I regard as important, including charitable causes I am passionate about and making a path towards my career goals. Pursuing passions makes the journey more enjoyable.

Gratitude: I really make a conscious effort to count my blessings. It’s then that I feel like an idiot for even stressing or getting upset over insignificant ‘first world prob­lems’. Am I in good health? Yes. Do I have good people around me? Yes. Do I have the freedom to do what I love? Yes! At a time where people are struggling and suffering daily, we must be thankful always. Keep a ‘blessings book’ and update it weekly. When you’re feeling down, grab that book to refresh your memory of all the reasons why you ought to be happy and grateful.

Give all you can: Whether it’s time, mon­ey, raising awareness or just signing a pe­tition, you’re always in a position to make a difference. Statistics show people from poorer backgrounds tend to contribute more to charity. It’s sad but true. Every­one should show compassion for those in need. What do you feel strongly about? Make noise or at least support those ac­tively campaigning for change. Try mak­ing the world a better place.

Family/loved ones: If you’re lucky enough to have a loving, supportive family or friendship circle, don’t neglect them. Spend time with them, be there in their times of need and celebrate together dur­ing joyous times. When it comes to friends and family, thought and sentiment is priceless. They will lift you in times of need.

Take care of yourself: Eat well, drink loads of water and stay fit. Encourage others to do the same. I did a lot of sport during childhood and have my parents to thank as this has influenced my need for regular exercise as an adult. If you’re blessed with a healthy body and mind, why abuse it? I’m vegan and have been teetotal my whole life. I know it’s not a lifestyle/diet for everyone, but your body really is your temple. We have access to good food, exercise opportunities unlike billions around the world, so there’s no excuse to not take care of yourself.

Feed your soul: What makes you happy? The type of things that make you forget to check your phone. Reading, writing, be­ing outdoors, gardening, trainspotting, rock climbing, watching the football? Whatever it is, make time for it!

Spend time with those who bring out the best in you: Those people you meet that leave you feeling you’ve got a new lease of life. You feed off each other’s energy, they encourage you to achieve or be a better person. Whatever positivity they bring to you, recognise it and spend time with them, and nurture these relationships.

Remove yourself from toxic situations: If a situation is draining you, it’s time to evaluate how much value (if any) they’re bringing to your life. There are plenty more situations or people that deserve your invested time. Life’s too short to en­tertain negativity if you don’t need to.

Enjoy experiences not things: While es­tablishing myself as a model in India I also enjoyed working on projects as a TV host. This line of work has allowed me to travel more than I could have ever imagined. I hosted the Indian Super League for Star Sports, which required me to jump be­tween major cities. What an experience it was to see so much of beautiful India and meet so many incredible people. I’ve also worked on travel and cooking shows. I’m now working for ESPN India. My work has given me these opportunities that have shaped me as a person. Instead of splurg­ing on stuff unnecessarily, why not save money to see the world? The older ‘you’ will thank you for it. Experiences over materialistic things any day!

Be productive: Make the most of every waking hour, but also take time out to re­charge. If you’re able to find this balance, you’ll live happily. Recently, I went on a road trip with friends over south India to visit and interview struggling NGO own­ers and volunteers, to find out how more aid would benefit their charities. I’ll release this series soon on my YouTube channel and am confident it will make a difference. It was one of the most productive summers and showed me that time can always be spent on something valuable.

  • Eisha Acton is an Indian/Irish TV host and model. Visit Twitter: @EishaMegan Acton, YouTube: @eishaacton and www.