Tips for Using Your Time Wisely Whilst Staying at Home

Staying at home can be frustrating sometimes but it can be an opportunity to expand your skills and enjoy learning a new hobby. If you are used to going out regularly and seeing people, staying at home can feel quite lonely, so filling that time wisely will help you to cope with the situation.

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt recently shared on Instagram that she has been writing to keep herself busy and is even completing an online course. Mouni Roy has been turning to cooking, whilst she has some extra time on her hands and judging by the results, she looks like she is very skilled in this area.


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Someone once said practice before you can preach , as you can see it’s been a while being self quarantined am trying to find ways to be productive, use my time widely to spend time with the humans I adore , practice patience and love, pray & meditate for an hour everyday at least ; acquired a new found interest in cooking (dunno how long that ll last) which am trying to participate in everyday ( & not eat everything at once); Read & write; do homework with my boys. Painted something after 7 odd years ; trying to paint a series, uncertain of how they ll turn out… all this just to say let’s continue doing things that actually matters with people who mean everything with-out all the bullshit, live the stories that ll make our days beautiful and life meaningful.. this is probably the scariest time we’re all living in .. have never known/felt more fear and panic in the entire social structure, all communities, can only hope we all are doing our best to eradicate it. प्रणाम , gratitude and love to the doctors, nurses and medical staffs and units working tirelessly.. I know this isn’t a holiday but we surely can use the time fairly, as there re many daylight & dusk hours still to fill … #homeboundsocooking👩🏻 #pavbhaji #JijusRecipe #GratefulForTheFoodWeGetToEat

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Taking time away from a busy schedule is the perfect time for self-development, which can also boost your mental wellbeing. So, why not put your time to really good use and take up a new hobby or learn something new?

Here are some ideas that you could try:


The Open University is offering free learning courses and resources through their website. You can develop skills and knowledge covering a large range of topics including Education and Development, Languages and Science, Maths and Technology. The Money and Business courses are also ideal for people that are considering setting up their own business in the near future.

P.E. With Joe Wicks 

Joe Wicks presents a daily fitness session on that is aimed at school children who are currently missing out on their regular P.E. lessons. However, families are also getting involved and getting some extra exercise into their day without even needing to leave the home. The sessions are fun and quite easy to do, allowing you to push yourself as much as you want to. The workout is streamed live on YouTube Monday to Friday at 9am.


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Online games

There are so many online games available to play, from puzzles like Sudoku to keep your brain sharp, to the recent first-ever Virtual Grand National, for those who are missing out on having a bet or two. Games are a great way to keep your mind busy and also add a bit of excitement to your day.

You can even make things more interesting and venture into iGaming. Online casinos present a wide range of games, from blackjack and poker to live casino options and video slots. The choice can be somewhat overwhelming, but you can see which ones have the best reviews on to help you make a decision. The site also offers strategy tips to help you to learn new games and improve your chances of winning.

Home improvement projects

Taking on a home improvement project will not only help make your home a nicer place to be, but it will also keep you very busy. If you have been meaning to create a family photo collage, you now have that time. If you have paint and equipment available, this is a great time to do that re-decorating that you have been putting off. Even having a spring clean and re-organising your space can help your home to feel refreshed and give you a bit of a change of scenery.

These are just a few ideas to get you started but using your time at home as an opportunity is the best way to combat loneliness and turn a negative situation into a positive one.