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Three Factors to Consider in Selecting Good VoIP Phone Headsets

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VoIP networks have revolutionized communication. That said, the right tools can still make communication and using VoIP services much easier. Folks who regularly use voice communication, say customer service reps at a call center, could greatly benefit from top-notch VoIP phone headsets. Let’s take a look at some must-have features when looking for good VoIP phone headsets.

A Mic That Makes You Heard Loud and Clear

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocols, and thus it comes as no surprise that vocal communication is essential. Go back twenty years, try to use an analog phone, and there was a very good chance that you’d encounter static or otherwise would have trouble hearing someone on the other end because their mic wasn’t particularly good.

Fortunately, modern VoIP systems are typically better from the get-go. Still, not all microphones are designed and manufactured equally. Some will simply perform better than others, as a result making it easier for speakers to be heard, which in turn will reduce the risk of miscommunication. Good microphones reduce static and false inputs and accurately capture and transmit sounds, such as someone’s voice.

A great mic is useful whether you’re playing multiplayer video games online or are communicating with customers at a local business or call center. No matter the tasks at hand, miscommunication can lead to hassles, frayed nerves, and wasted time.

Great Speakers Are Just as Important

Across from every great microphone there should be excellent speakers. Sometimes, headset speakers are referred to as earbuds, earphones, drivers, or something similar. Whatever the name, it’s the substance that counts. The speakers will fit over or into your ear and then make the sound coming in come to life.

Great speakers will reduce static and other extraneous sounds and will project voices clearly. It’s also vital to pay attention to comfort. For on or over-ear headphones, the padding provided could have a major impact on how long people can comfortably wear the headphones without feeling sore. With earbuds, the right tips not only provide comfort but also reduce the risk of the buds falling out.

Adjustable, Comfortable, Durable Bands

Most VoIP headsets will have a band that goes over the top of the head. This band will usually hold the earphones and mic in place. Most often, the band allows people to adjust the size of the headset. This will ensure that the set is a good fit, not exerting too much pressure while also keeping everything in place.

Adjustable bands are practically a must for VoIP headsets. It’s also smart to find headsets with padded bands that are comfortable to wear. Further, anyone buying headsets should make sure that the band is durable and well-constructed. If the band breaks, the VoIP headset could become difficult, if not impossible, to wear.

Your Choice of VoIP Headsets Could Impact a Lot of Things

The right VoIP headsets could improve not just comfort and communication, but productivity as a whole. It’s especially important to keep the above three factors in mind when purchasing headsets in bulk, say for a business. When buying in bulk, choices both good and bad are magnified. Even if someone is shopping just for him or herself, however, selecting the right headset will ensure comfort and performance.


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