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Things to know about Anavar and what it is used for

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Who are the people who mostly buy Anavar UK?  If you are severely underweight due to chronic infection, surgery and trauma are prescribed to use Anavar to help in gaining weight. The drug helps in relieving the bone pain that is caused by osteoporosis. Apart from the fact that it can be helpful incredibly to those suffering from such symptoms, Anavar can be abused and misused.

It is typically prescribed for use in the short term, but at times users tend to become addicted to using it. Most of such users aren’t prepared to embrace the side effects which come when taking Anavar is stopped, especially those that take it for a long time as compared to the prescribed timing.

What is Anavar?

It is prescribed typically to those who are out to gain some weight after losing it out because of medical reasons or are undergoing certain trauma. It can as well be used by those who have certain genetic disorders such as Turner syndrome and are out to gain some height.

When a prescription of Anavar is prescribed, it has to be taken 2 times to 4 times daily with food. The Anavar is prescribed for use in the short term and should never be taken longer than what is prescribed and it should never be bought without a prescription. To purchase Anavar without having a prescription is quite illegal same as selling it without having a medical license.

The Anavar is categorized under the anabolic steroid which means, it is illegally used by bodybuilders in helping with the gaining of some muscles to appear big. They are at times used by combining with other steroids in a method called stacking. It is because to do so, it gives you as a user quick result but it is quite dangerous.

Anabolic steroids such as Anavar are the same as testosterone and might at times be prescribed to men who are not producing enough of that on their own. Because testosterones are produced by Anavar, it might lead to intense aggression bouts.

There are times when it could lead to users using other drugs type so that they help them in combating the side effects which they feel after taking the Anavar in a higher dosage. To take Anavar for something else apart from what it is prescribed for is quite dangerous but is, unfortunately, something which is quite common.

When Anavar gets abused, it tends to take much more than a regular dose that is prescribed. Some take it from 10 to 100 times more than the dose which would be prescribed normally. Those that abuse Anavar does become addicted to the feeling it gives to their body, giving a blind idea of the negative effects that it might cause later.

Side effects of Anavar

Just like with the other drug types, other serious consequences do come with having to abuse Anavar. Some symptoms include but are not just limited to:

  • Depression
  • Severe mood swings
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Liver disease

Most of the time, there are those that experience withdrawal symptoms while using Anavar, which can last from a few weeks to several months at any given time. One of the known symptoms which are commonly known of steroids abuse is aggression.

Various studies have found out that, to take anabolic steroids makes aggression go up in some people, making them more irritable. In turn, it causes them to lash out at whatever comes their way, and anyone who crosses their path and can end up making them violent. It is referred to as roid rage and mostly happens often than not to those who abuse steroids.

According to researchers, it is believed that aggression is a result of the steroids producing testosterone which when at high levels, leads to irritability. Using steroids such as Anavar can as well lead to various mood disorders such as mania, depression, and anxiety. If you happen to be prone to such illness already, using Anavar might worsen the whole thing.

Whether you believe it or not, Anavar can end up leading to misusing other drugs such as marijuana, opiates, heroin, and cocaine. In some people, they could end up purchasing illegal steroids from a similar person from where they get their illegal substance from.

To abuse, steroids are what leads to taking drugs as you could be looking for a way of alleviating some of the various symptoms which come with abusing them. It is what results in the vicious cycle which can trap you and ruin your life.

Side effects of taking long to get treatment for an Anavar addiction

If you develop an addiction to Anavar or whatever type of steroid it might be, you should seek immediate help, or else, there might be some dire consequences because of that. The use of steroids for a long time can end up causing infertility, liver damage, and heart disease just to mention but a few.

Other side effects which can be caused by the use of Anavar can also include jaundice or yellowing of the eyes and skin, tumor and cyst formation on the liver, and pain in the abdomen. Using Anavar for a long can increase your risk of heart disease and issues with the blood vessels.

How to get help for side effects of Anavar

Getting help for the addiction to steroids is important so that the situation doesn’t worsen. If you are looking for a way out, you need to reach out to the treatment center to get help. With that, you will be able to work with various professionals who tend to have the experience to deal with such problems. In case you happen to know someone who is currently abusing steroids, you must reach out to them and encourage them about talking to a professional.



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