The Workplace Is Changing (and this is how)

It’s 2021 already, and the changes that have happened in the workplace over the last year or two have been absolutely astounding.

It’s not just the coronavirus pandemic that has had a big impact on the way we work, but this rise has been happening for a number of years now, and the pandemic seems to have accelerated that change for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Change Should Be Organic

Many companies feel that changes in workplace practice should be a slow build and organic process, but the pandemic has highlighted the need for fast and rapid adaptability to business pressures, and this is something that has been a benefit to some companies while other companies have been left behind.

Businesses with a high rate of adaptability and innovation seem to have fared better during this epidemic, but how will businesses fair over the coming decade or further?

Here we look at six ways the world of work and the workplaces have changed and will change as we go into a new decade, with a much different outlook on our working practices.

More Employees Will Have Advanced Degrees

Never before in human history have people had such wide access to advanced education and, with more and more people taking up the opportunity to learn no matter what their age, the world of work will definitely look different with more employees having advanced degrees.

As colleges and universities catch on to this trend of a thirst for knowledge, the workplace will likely see a big expansion in people who have studied in specific areas, and businesses will benefit from employing graduates who have gone through a specialist degree program to get a specific role.

Specialist degrees are all well and good for very specialized roles, but degrees like a Master’s in Business Administration will be sought after by hiring managers looking for candidates to show flexibility in their approach to learning.

An MBA can focus on all sorts of areas of business, allowing students to learn and grow within their field with transferable skills. Find out more about how an MBA will be the must-have business degree for future workplaces by clicking this link.

Team-Based Working Will Put Management Under Stress

There has been a lot of chatter in business circles in the last few years about how important it is to work in teams to achieve a goal.

The explosion in co-working and cross-team communication has exposed a curious issue in businesses: the lack of requirement for middle managers

The benefits of teamwork are clear for all to see; teams are full of people with specific skills to their job who can work with contrasting skills to make up a really strong group of people.

What this means for middle management is a lack of need for teams to be specifically managed. The benefit to middle managers is that teams require good leadership, and this could be a great evolution opportunity for them.

The 9-5 Is A Thing of The Past

The coronavirus pandemic has forced more businesses to embrace and adopt remote working, and there has been a gradual realization that the traditional Monday to Friday 9 to 5 working pattern may not be the most efficient working pattern possible.

While it is widely recognized that the workforce needs specific set hours to avoid becoming burnt out and overworked, more and more businesses realize that perhaps moving to a deadline-based model instead of an hourly-based model is better for their bottom line.

As businesses change and adapt the way, they work, adopting new timetables maybe one of the benefits that we see in the future. Many businesses are considering moving over to flexible working with a core hours model rather than a traditional model, and it remains to be seen whether this is workable on a larger scale and long-term.

Globalized Businesses Will Take A Localized Approach

It’s often been said that the world is becoming a smaller place thanks to globalization, and with more businesses taking on the mantle of becoming globalized, this is having an interesting effect on local communities

The UK, for example, follows an interesting path of adopting Americanisms in both society and business. While this is not always a bad thing, more businesses are waking up to the realization that being globalized doesn’t necessarily mean being homogenous.

Having a global branding message that is translated both in language and in culture to a more localized model could be one of the biggest beneficial changes we see in businesses going local from here onwards.

Being sensitive to different cultures and how different countries think and feel about certain topics will allow businesses to operate worldwide while keeping all of their audience happy and comfortable with their marketing approach.

Digital Skills Will Take Over from Experience

Just 20 years ago, somebody could leave school having never touched a computer or a laptop, and the idea of a smartphone was a thing of the distant future.

These days, the excuse of not being computer or technology literate is becoming less and less viable in today’s digitized world.

Potential employees and candidates who refuse to move with the digital times could find themselves marginalized from jobs as more and more businesses look towards digital skills over experience and tenure.

While not all businesses will be focused specifically on digital skills, interpersonal skills are still important; it will become more important to be comfortable with digital and advanced technology. Businesses are not held back by employees who refused to join the 21st century.

Barriers to Work Will Be Torn Down

Technology is not just useful for business, but advancements in technology to help disabilities also play a major role in business over the next decade.

It has been a well-known fact that neurodiverse people have a different outlook on the world and can be a huge asset to companies; however, the challenges that go along with neurodiversity can prove difficult for some companies to overcome

Using assistive technologies is a great way to integrate nearby diversity into your business and gain the rewards of hiring people with a different outlook on life.

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