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The Right Time for Teens and Adults to Get Braces and the Decision Between the Traditional and Modern Treatment Options!

By: Eastern Eye Staff

It can be your first year in college or the 30-something phase where you balance your life with a full-time job. Amidst all the business and chaos these growing-up years bring, you may want to have that perfect smile. And this is not too much to ask for as everyone likes to flaunt their beautiful teeth line. However, you may have many questions about how to get it. Teenagers may wonder if they are eligible for it yet, while adults can worry whether they have been late in making this decision. Let’s tackle all the doubts and questions one by one.

The right time to think about improving the smile

Clear braces, traditional braces, and clear aligners are the options. If you visit a dental clinic in your area, you will find that the most popular choice is the Invisalign braces for Melville residents. Orthodontists say that children aged seven can visit them to evaluate their dental conditions for braces. General dentists go a little deeper into the query, informing that the decision depends on the severity of the misaligned jaws. Someone with straighter teeth and fairly well-aligned jaws may wait for the examination. Still, the best age for evaluation can be 10 to 14. By this time, a person loses all their baby teeth and gets permanent teeth. But certain dental deformities like crowding, crossbite, underbite, and overbite may compel you to get early medical intervention.

Treatment options for smile correction

Orthodontists recommend clear braces or metal braces for kids and teens for affordability. Metal braces contain thin wire that helps them attach to the teeth and align them by creating continuous pressure. Clear braces are similar, but they are mainly transparent ceramic material. These can cost more than traditional versions. These beat conventional braces in comfort and ease of use. But adults tend to be conscious about their appearance and public image. Hence, general dentistry experts feel clear aligners are much better for them. As an adult, you may have more urgent needs. So, let’s compare why clear aligners like Invisalign can be better than other braces.


One big motivation to opt for clear aligners can be their invisibility. Because they don’t cover gums, Invisalign’s visibility remains a secret. Braces, even the clear ones, will be visible when you open your mouth or smile. Clear aligner trays are lightweight and can effortlessly sit on your teeth without drawing much attention. Their precise fitting doesn’t let people find that you are wearing braces. At the same time, these prevent risks like inflamed and receding gums. Like others, you can opt for aligners for this main reason.



The detachable clear aligners enable you to maintain proper hygiene. You can play sports or eat your meals hassle-free. But dentists recommend keeping them on for at least 20 to 22 hours daily. Still, these are easy to remove than braces. Metal braces remain fixed on your teeth and can open only with the doctor’s help.


When you think about metal braces, you can imagine pain and discomfort already. Clear plastic aligners create a different feeling, even when you visualize them after seeing their digital image. With traditional brackets, you can be wary about your cheek’s soft tissues. These can wound it. You may have to use special waxes to relieve and avoid the risk of hurt. Also, the constant pressure your teeth feel during the adjustments can be another uncomfortable experience. Clear aligners remove all this stress from your dental treatment experience. They are strong materials, but their lightweight and smooth surfaces feel gentle on the mouth. The risks of sores and chaffing can be much lower here.

As for dental pressure, you move from one set to another in about two weeks. Since this change is relatively frequent, you may not notice any intense sensation.


Discussion about braces can be complete when you consider this specific aspect too. You work harder on dental hygiene with traditional metal braces as they stay on your teeth until the treatment completion – brush and floss your teeth carefully. With Invisalign, you don’t have to do much. Remove them during your cleaning time and wear them again.

Food and drinks

Some items like apples, candies, and bread can be inaccessible when you wear braces. When you chew these, they create tremendous pressure on the dental device, forcing it out. If this happens, you must visit your dentist for a replacement. Your consumption of sweets and candies will stop. You can feel free with your clear aligner. Keep them aside and dig into your favorite food. Clean your mouth and put them on again. However, sticky, hard, or sweet food may not suit your dental health even usually. So, check your diet. Keep it as healthy as possible. After all, you want to protect your teeth and gum from decay and cavities.

Clear aligner treatment

Mild to moderate teeth alignment issues can be easy to fix with clear aligner trays. Before giving their verdict, a doctor will examine your dental environment, run some tests, and then explain the situation. Your concern with this treatment can be the cost, which ranges from USD $3500 to USD $8000 on average. Insurance may not cover this expense as it’s a cosmetic procedure. Still, talk to your dentist about the possible solution. If you agree to the treatment, they will prepare for it by taking tooth impressions to make customized aligners. When the trays are ready, the doctor will show you how to wear and care for them.

If you opt for this treatment, listening to your dentist’s instructions about using the aligners and their hygiene is critical. As these cover your teeth most of the time, not maintaining cleanliness can lead to tooth decay risks. So, be watchful. After the treatment ends, you can enjoy your experience with straightened teeth and boast your smile without embarrassment. Your newfound confidence can be intoxicating. Nevertheless, go for this treatment with realistic expectations for the best results. And stick to a proper dental hygiene routine.



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