The extra special touch by ace designer Sunnie Delilah


COUPLES often spend so much time thinking about all the many big things associated with a wedding that they forget about the smaller touches, including outfit and accessories which can add that extra magical touch to a bride or groom’s look.

Ace designer Sunnie Delilah from Delilah’s Dressing Room, creates bespoke accessories for a couple’s big day and works closely with them to design exactly what they want.

Before giving some top wedding accessory tips to Eastern Eye, Delilah said: “Accessories you choose to wear with your wedding outfit have the ability to make or break the entire look. That goes for everyone part of the wedding party coordinating with the couple including bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and so on. As someone who designs and makes accessories, here are my top tips to consider when choosing accessories for your big day.”

Be open-minded: When trying and choosing accessories for the first time, try to be open-minded. Most brides and grooms tend to surprise themselves when they find what actually suits them as opposed to what they had set in their mind. Be open to wearing what suits your clothing best of all. Take time to consider the style of accessories that will best match your sherwani or bridal lehenga for example, even if it leads to pieces you didn’t originally have in mind.

Quality over quantity: Don’t be tempted to overdo it. Take a step back and ask yourself ‘do you need it all?’ I find that often less is more and you can complete a look with great quality accessories without wearing too much. Though it is very tempting, when you see so many beautiful items and want it all, stay in control. For grooms, I generally advise they wear a three-piece suit with a bow tie and pocket square on hues to compliment their bride’s outfit. If their suit is a block colour to have a delicately tasteful pattern to carry their own personality, yet bring out the colours in their brides’ outfit. With brides, my advice is that a few quality items instead of lots of cheaper accessories can make all the difference.

Embrace your culture: So many from the current generation are becoming disconnected from traditions and culture on their big day, and look to things like social media instead. Top Asian bridal designer Ali Xeeshan had said that in terms of outfits prospective brides were asking what would get them the most likes on Instagram. That is the wrong approach as you should wear what brings out your own style and personality with an outfit that says something about you on your big day. One way to do this is with culture. So, be modern, but add touches of tradition.

Stay true to your style: Of course, on your wedding day, you want to look like a prince and a princess. But, you also want to look like yourself. After all, you’ll enjoy the photos from this day for the rest of your life. After you have chosen wedding outfits that fit into your specific sense of fashion, start looking for important accessories to match. We, for example, make bespoke accessories to match wedding outfits, which enhances the look and matches the style. Bespoke is especially good for men, who, in particular, struggle to find an accessory to match their style.

Don’t forget your hair: Brides don’t tend to just wear accessories around their neck and earlobes. It has come back in trend to jazz up hair updos. Bridal vines, bun combs and flowers are just a few ways brides embellish hair on the big day. Whether you plan to get an elaborate updo or leave your curls to flow freely, think about incorporating a hair accessory. There are now endless options to suit any taste and lots of super pretty florals – real and faux.

Consider your neckline: This is more so for brides. Depending on your neckline, you may not want to wear a necklace on your wedding day, but this isn’t always the case. If the neckline of your outfit is high, beaming with embroidery and beading, a necklace might add too much visual noise. However, if you have a soft neckline, layering necklaces can look really good, wearing one short and one long. If your outfit has a straight neckline and quite low, a statement piece can really add a wow factor.

Leave plenty of time: Start looking as soon as you have bought your outfits, so there is plenty of time left for hair and makeup trials to test how the accessories look with your chosen style. (Keep in mind you may have more than one trial). The earlier you buy, the earlier you can also change your mind, should you have to change what you purchased and will save any last minute panic, because there are plenty of other things to be getting on with. You can also have enough time to develop bespoke accessories and make changes, as and where, needed to get it perfect for the big day.

Find a match: Immediate family may want to coordinate with the colour scheme of the bride’s and groom’s outfits, and this can look stunning when done right. Pick hues that accent your outfits to compliment. This will not only make the couple’s outfits stand out, but also make for lovely photographs as you won’t have clashing colours. If you decide to have groomsmen/best men you can get them to match. It looks great when you get a colour/print to compliment the groom and have bow ties and pocket squares that stand out.

Keep it you: Don’t be bullied into wearing anything you are not comfortable with. Make sure accessories like jewellery, bow ties, pocket squares and so on match your personality and are as right for you as your outfit. You will have all of your guest’s gawking at you for the whole day, as well as photographers/videographers, so you need to feel that your accessories reflect who you are and that you don’t feel under or over-dressed. Pick your accessories early and try them on from time to time on the lead up to the wedding and check you still love them and they are right for you.

Consider your theme and venue: One last thing to consider when picking your bridal/groom accessories is your theme/venue. This doesn’t have to be, the be all, end all or make or break factors. If you really love something, this can aid your decision making process. Consider if your theme/venue is regal and over the top or if it’s simple and casual, then keep your look in the same general vein.