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The best of Bhoomika

WINNER: Bhoomika Mirchandani
WINNER: Bhoomika Mirchandani


THE first show Bhoomika Mirchandani auditioned for was Krishna Chali London and landed a  cameo role in the series after a winning turn in front of the camera. That natural ability didn’t go unnoticed because she was soon promoted to playing a lead negative role in the hit series.
The exciting newcomer has now set herself up for a bright career and is one to watch in the future.

Eastern Eye caught up with Bhoomika Mirchandani to talk about her confident start to TV, lockdown and hopes.

What was the experience of acting in Krishna Chali London?
The experience was mind-blowing as it was my first show. I have experienced such amazing things at the start of my journey that I feel it will be a little tough for me settling on a new set because I have already been part of something amazing. The Star Plus show had an amazing director, producer and creative director. (Producer) Saurabh Tewari is an amazing man. So I have worked with the best people and amazing co-actors. I don’t know what I’m going to do in future, but the show Krishna Chali London will be always close to my heart.

What has been the biggest highlight of working on this show?
The bond between all the co-actors working on the show was really amazing and a major highlight.

What is the biggest thing the show has taught you?
The biggest thing this show has taught me is, no matter what role you are playing or how experienced you are, what matters is how grounded you are and what your behaviour on set is. If your behaviour is not good, whether you are playing a lead role or are an experienced artist, things won’t work out well. You have to be very grounded and humble to taste success.

What is the acting plan going forward?
This lockdown has put a stop to any acting plans for now, but as soon it is over I will be looking for the next challenge.

What would be your dream role?
My dream role is to play a bubbly character, who is very energetic and offers up interesting challenges at the same time.

How have you coped with lockdown and what is the first thing you will do when it’s over?
I’ve really loved this lockdown and enjoyed it to the core of my heart. I am working out, having amazing food at home and taking care of my diet. I am getting proper sleep and spending time with my mom. Everything is so beautiful. I am sure many people are getting affected because of no work, but it’s ok. Everything will get back to normal with time. I have personally found this lockdown very healing. I do really miss acting, being on set and performing in front of the camera. I want to shoot as soon as possible. I would also like to plan a trip with my family.

What kind of shows do you like watching as an audience member? 
I enjoy very light-hearted movies and series. Currently, I’m watching The Big Bang Theory. I have watched almost all the Disney movies in this lockdown, so am a very girly type of a girl.

What inspires you?
More than positive stories, I get inspired with negative ones. By seeing negative stories, I feel I would not want to make such mistakes myself, so that inspires me.

Why do you love being an actor?
This is the only talent I have in me. I entered into this industry not because I had good looks or something like that. I was just very confident about my acting skills, so that’s why I chose this career. I got to know why I love being an actor when I became one after I worked in Krishna Chali London. It’s a fun job and very entertaining. There is something very positive about being an actor. It makes me happy.

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