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The all-new 2020 dodge charger- Is it a safe sedan for your family purpose?

By: Eastern Eye Staff

The dodge is a world-famous car brand that makes sports and sedan cars for a longer period. One of the newly updated cars of the dodge is the new dodge charger jacksonville. There are many updates in the car that the company has made to make it a perfect sedan car for the family and the sports car. Yes, if you are a car lover who is fond of driving sports-based cars but has to think about your family, it is the best option.

Now when a person is buying a family car, then the first feature they look out for in the space and the car’s safety features. To all the questions, it is clear that the dodge has made a perfect car for the usage of your family. Let us discuss the car’s safety features firsthand that makes the new dodge charger jacksonville perfect for your family.

Safety features of the dodge sedan

When the developers are making the car, they have specially kept in mind the purpose of fulfilling the family persons’ needs. That is why the security and the safety system in the car is so updated. Let us take a glance at the features in a nutshell.

  • The first safety this is included in the car is parking assistance. Whenever a person is parking a car, they face some issue taking the rearview, especially the new drivers. Whenever you are trying to park the car, then their car’s assistance will start up automatically and start giving you the directions. Along with that, there is a camera fitted in the rear so that you can check out the distance and park accordingly.
  • The car’s braking system is updated, which will help you save your car from a front collision. The benefit of this is that when you drive your car in a sports mode, and the sped of the car is high, you don’t have to take the collision’s tension. The braking system is here to support your high speed of the car. The braking system used is hydraulic so that you can apply the brake and the car stops instantly.
  • A lane-changing sensor in the car will help you out when the driver is changing the lane. When driving on the highway, the person keeps changing the lanes, which can cause an accident sometimes. The car will help you in this situation with its smart lane change assistance., When you are trying to change the lane in your car, the car will start giving you a warning. The warning means that someone is steeping right behind you, and there is a chance of an accident. This makes you alert you will not step in the wrong lane by mistake.
  • When you are using the rearview mirrors of the car, then there is always a blind spot. This blind spot is the portion which is not covered by the mirrors. The car will assist you properly when there is some car or vehicle in the blind spot. It makes the new dodge charger jacksonville safer for driving.
  • When you are driving on a highway, then sometimes the lanes on the highways are less. Sometimes, in the urge to overtake the vehicle in front of you, steps in your lane increase the chances of the accident. In this case, there is a high beam headlight, which will automatically start when someone will come into your lane, making them alert and saving the day.
  • There is an automatic system applied in the car, which will always help the car maintain the engine’s power according to tour driving situations. Let us suppose that you are driving in very harsh conditions, and then the power delivered by the engine is reduced so that you may not speed up and step into some trouble. It will help the tires in the car to remain tracked to the roads.
  • There is hill start assistance in your car, which will let your car know that you are driving in the hills. This system maintains the brake pressure properly, and the time duration between the brake release and the acceleration is reduced, which is required in the hills.
  • The company has also introduced the feature of Electronic Stability control in the car. It helps the vehicle to maintain a proper direction when you are driving the vehicle,
  • The adaptive cruise control is also bundled along with the new dodge charger jacksonville. It will help the driver to set up the car at the throttle control and take some rest.
  • The body of the car is made up of a solid framing using high strength steel. Also, the care’s roof strength is very high, which will protect the passengers in case of an accident.
  • The high-strength steel beams are used for the vehicle’s welding, due to which the strength of the door increases. So, if the car gets to suffer an accident from the side, then also you are covered by the safety of the car.
  • The advanced multistage airbags are fitted in the car, which provides full safety to the person driving the car. The length of the airbag is large, which covers the front and the sides both with a single airbag.
  • In case the car sees a front head accident; then the front passengers have the highest chances of injury. That is why to save them; the company has introduced the active front end restraints in the head portion of the car. It ensures the safety of the passenger always.


By now, you must have got to know how better the company has introduced the safety features in the car. So, you have to decide if you want a car that is both safer and has a sporty look, then you can go for the new dodge charger jacksonville. It is a perfect choice for your family and will also fulfill the dream of having a sporty car.

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