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Tabu: I hated it when people told me to do what others were doing

Having remembered for the films like The Namesake, Chandni Bar, Maqbool and Haider, Tabu has evolved as an unparalleled actress of the era. In an interview, Tabu was asked about her quest for varied movies and her avoidance to do movies that can elevate her ranking in the movie business. Tabu said, “I was always passionate about my work. I wanted to show people what I am as an actor. I did not join the film industry with an ambition to become famous or popular. I am a very private person. I don’t like so much attention. The whole phenomenon of fame throws me off guard. In this whole madness, I find something that I can hold onto, enjoy and that is doing different roles. Luckily I met people like Gulzar ji, Rajeev Menon and others who made my journey interesting. For me, the only interesting part is when I am into a character and growing with every film. The Namesake changed my life, it opened new doors and then (there was) Life Of Pi. It was all a great experience. I wanted to play it my way, I was convinced if I do it my way I will get it right. I hated it when people told me to do what others were doing.”

On being asked about whether she does light hearted movies for the sake of friendship or money and serious movies to fulfill herself as an artiste, Tabu replied, “I don’t know about other actors. If at that given point I feel if I like it, I do it. I don’t think anything else then. As an actor, you are not creating roles for yourself. I make the best choice from what is offered to me or what will push me to the next level. No one will do a film if they are unhappy with their role. The fundamental thing should be happiness to play a role, whether you are doing it for monetary reasons or for friendship, it does not matter… No one does bad work for the sake of friendship or money.”

Adding further, she explained about how she succeeds in staying different with each film, she said, “I don’t make a conscious effort to stand out. It is great that people feel so. It happens unconsciously. I don’t know what the factors are that people think of me like that. At different points, you have different yardsticks and barometers to select a project and it also depends on what you are offered, what you want to do at that point and what you want to stay away from. It is a mix of many factors. Films are something that no one can plan. If I like something, I feel the character is outstanding and it will allow me to explore my creative abilities, I do it.”

On being labelled as the dark horse of Bollywood, Tabu said, “I can’t put labels on and give definitions to myself… that is for others to write or say. I am glad that I got the right platform to reinvent myself and do something different every time. I did not let go of the chances that I got. I am grateful to the directors for offering me great roles. I give credit to the writers for writing such good parts. I was exploring myself again and again. I did parts that one would not do. I wanted to grow as an actor. I am lucky to get good work that established me as an actor and made me the dark horse.”

Tabu will be next seen in Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again which is slated to release on October 20.