Taapsee Pannu felt happy to receive backlash for wearing a bikini

Recently, Taapsee Pannu shared a picture from a scene of her film wherein she is sporting a bikini. However, she received backlash from social media for the same. In an interview with a leading Indian daily, Taapsee Pannu spoke about how she was happy to receive such a backlash for wearing a bikini in the film.

Taapsee said, “I was very happy to receive the backlash.I used to think everyone is getting it, why haven’t I got it yet. So, finally I got it. I used to keep reading articles which read this actor received backlash and that one got it too. So, I used to think, I have a hot body too. I should also receive it.”

On Twitter, she replied strongly to a troll. She tweeted, “When you are against the tide, it’s YOU who needs to stand up for yourself… but don’t forget the smile.”

Talking about her Twitter reply, she said, “I was in a good mood. So, I answered against it in a happy way. I think an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, I didn’t intend to stoop to their level. So, I answered it in my own way.”

The 30 year old actress further mentioned about her sister’s strong reply to a person who trolled Taapsee.

Taapsee said, “He deleted the tweet otherwise my sister was ready with an answer. She wanted to post her bikini picture.”

As Taapsee was present to promote and celebrate 10 years of Amante, which is a lingerie brand, Taapsee was asked whether she would promote the brand on screen , to which Taapsee replied, “I wish I get a chance to promote lingerie on screen. While growing up, I used to see these fancy advertisements. In fact, recently Varun (Dhawan) went to Budapest to shoot for a commercial for an inner wear brand. I used to always think that why when it comes to females, especially Indians, we either take foreign models or don’t have such commercials where celebrity actresses are the face. I don’t understand the taboo behind it. When men can do it, why cannot we? Is it fine if we don’t wear them? I don’t think so. We need to wear it. But why don’t we own it up? And it is such an important part of our lives. It gives you confidence and boosts your personality. In fact, it has become a fashion now. It’s no more just an inner wear. I don’t understand why women inner wears are a question of concern. Why we need to hide it? I am of course not saying to go out loud and keep flaunting it all the time. But just own the fact.”