Taapsee Pannu to come face-to-face with the trolls on MTV’s Troll Police

According to IANS report, actress Taapsee Pannu believes social media can squash someone’s confidence, as it lets people to mock someone easily.

“I think with the power social media has given us, it is so easy to mock someone nowadays. What people don’t understand is that it can genuinely crush someone’s confidence. Just because a female does not walk by the conventional rules, people like to call her by different names which is highly upsetting,” Taapsee said.

Many celebrities have been the victim of social media trolls. Taapsee too has been trolled on social media for wearing bikinis and short dress. Taapsee Pannu is taking the opportunity to address the issue through a TV show Troll Police. The show will feature celebrities and their trolls for real.

Talking about the same, Taapsee said, “I too have been trolled, and through ‘MTV Troll Police’, I really want to convey the message to youngsters out there that do not use internet anonymity to shed the veneer of decency.”

Taapsee has around 5 million followers on Instagram. In the TV show, Taapsee will come face-to-face with a student named Ashish, who trolls her on social media.

“It’s humiliating! After achieving so much for yourself as an independent woman, this is how you get appreciated by the men of our society. After reading all these comments, sometimes I feel that I have opted for a wrong profession. Going forward if you see any of your friend or relative trolling someone then please share this experience with them.”

The show will be aired on MTV on Saturday.