Sushant Singh Rajput: I’m India’s Neil Armstrong!

Sushant Singh Rajput has an interesting line up of his films this year. The actor who calls himself India’s Neil Armstrong revealed about his keenness towards making movies. In an interaction with a leading Indian daily, Sushant said, “I have been reading a lot on behavioural economics. It’s a subject that talks about many things – what we do and why we do what we do; the ways in which we fool ourselves. We’re so delusional! It’s not philosophy… it is science. Nobody is making a film on these things. I’m thinking of writing a story or to hire a writer to do a script. These things keep me going. Inception, for example, was about the fact that when you’re awake, you know that you’re not sleeping, but when you’re sleeping, you cannot say you’re awake. That’s the first thing you’d study in behavioural economics and he has made a film out of it. It resonates with the right kind of people. There are many such things in behavioural economics and evolutionary psychology that you could use to tell a very good story.”

Commenting about the ability of Indian directors to weave a story like this and portray something like this, he said, “Comprehension may be a problem as not many people are aware of such things. In Interstellar, the director has used black holes, time warp and time dilation to tell the story of a relationship between a father and daughter. To understand these things is difficult; to tell it in a simple story requires great skill. So, yes, comprehension is a problem. Also, we lack courage. Even if we understand, we are not sure whether people would get it or not, so we don’t make the film.”

Talking about his science fiction film Chanda Mama Door Ke, Sushant Singh Rajput said, “It will be India’s first space film. I play an astronaut. I’m India’s Neil Armstrong! I’m the one landing on the moon. I bought this amazing VR, where you can actually fly Apollo 11, and land that lunar module on the moon. It is so real! I’m sure it will dictate the way we tell the story in the immediate future. Because after you do that and you watch Gravity, the experience is not the same, even if you watch it in 3D. You feel something is missing after that complete immersion of looking at the moon, looking at the earth, being in space.”