Entertainment journalist turned filmmaker Suparn Verma has directed the music video for the song Single Rehne De from Kangana Ranaut starrer Simran. In an interview with a leading Indian daily, Suparn said, “I have known Hansal for a long time and have worked with him closely from the time I started my career. And we keep discussing ideas and projects. So when I heard the music of Simran, I told him that the song Single Rehne De resonnates with the feminist thoughts of today’s women. We discussed it with Kangana who too loved the idea and in just a day we had shot the song. The response around it has been really encouraging. And I am happy that I could help my friend, my brother Hansal in any way.”

Talking about controversies revolving around Kangana, and that many have claimed her being dominating on the sets, Suparn said that he had a peaceful time shooting with her, “Honestly, I had quite a peaceful time with her. At the end of the shoot, Kangana came and told me that she doesn’t really enjoy the song-dance routine but she really enjoyed doing it because it was fun. The thing is, Kangana is an actor who has a very sharp mind; and it comes truly from the love of creative and not because she is a star. She really loves giving idea, but she will never force you to take it up. See, if you are not in a place of insecurity or have a false ego, you would welcome an actor who can suggest ideas to work better rather than getting offended.”

“I really feel at the end of the day you work for a project and all energies should go into making it good. Kangana was really easy to work with as she gets involved to help the project. During the shoot, she had some ideas and we collaborated together with the choreographer to make it look more appealing. The funny part is that the stories which are out in media have been spoken by people who have not worked with her. Look at the kind of work she has done and with so much conviction. I don’t think it’s fair to label her in any way,” added Suparn.

Simran will release on September 15.