Sujoy Ghosh believes digital platform requires more dedication and hard work

With the emergence of the digital age, short films like Sujoy Ghosh’s directorial Ahalya has garnered many accolades from the digital audience. Bollywood director Sujoy Ghosh believes that making movies on a digital platform is the future as it allows the audience to choose the medium and time to watch a film.

“I do not think the moviegoers would completely shift to the digital platform, but they are becoming increasingly fond of the platform as it is more empowering. In the digital format, the audience has the freedom to pick and choose when and how he or she would like to watch the film,” Ghosh said at the screening of his short film Anukul.

“I strongly believe that we go to the cinema for an experience and for that experience to be good, I think it needs to be big, be it in terms of presentation or idea. It is possible that apart from big platform cinema like Baahubali or a big thought and big platform film, everything else would shift to the digital platform in future,” Ghosh added.

Speaking about crafting movies for digital medium, Ghosh said, “As the audience on the Internet is not limited to a country or a community, more effort needs to be put in creating things like subtitles or the language of the film so that it can reach everyone.”

He further said that filmmakers should center their attention on the content of the film than bothering about its length and category.

“A film is a film and every film, irrespective of its duration, demands the same kind of effort. Whether it is a short film or a full length feature film, it does not make a lot of difference in terms of direction, acting, sound design or cinematography,” Ghosh said.

He added, “I think we should not worry about making short films or medium films or large films. We should focus on making films. And the time it takes us to tell the story would categorize whether it would go to the web, to the screen or any other format.”