Actor Subrat Dutta who is prepping up for his upcoming release of Sameer, says that the film revolves around the concept of terrorism and how we can deal with it.

“It is a fictional story, inspired by a series of 21 blasts that happened in Ahmedabad on July 26, 2008, where more than 56 people died and over 200 people were injured. It is a political thriller on recent political scenarios. It is not about terrorism, it’s about the idea of terrorism and what we can do about it. Where did it start and why has it increased to such an extent in today’s date. In 2017 where the world has developed so much, why is terrorism still proving to be a problem for us?” he said.

Subrat plays an Anti Terrorism Squad officer (ATS) in the film and he says that it is a difficult task to play the same. For the preparation of the role he stated that he met an ATS officer in Ahmedabad and another ATS officer who is the husband of an old co actor.

Talking about his character portrayal on screen, he said, “On a subconscious level, I was inspired by them (real ATS officers) while doing this role. The character is not very glamorous; it’s like a normal simple man whose job is to encounter people. How he deals with all the problems on the field, how he struggles to gather information, how he manages to work under pressure, that’s the character is all about. I have managed to incorporate everything into the character to create Mr Desai (his character name) on screen.”

Speaking about the comparison of his character to that of Nana Patekar who played an encounter specialist in Ab Tak Chhappan, Subrat said, “There is a similarity about their situations, there is lot of pressure to carry out their jobs, the difference is that in this film the officers already have the information about the blasts beforehand and their job is to stop the blasts from happening. So Desai is working in much more pressure, as he is in position to stop the blasts from happening.”

Subrat is known for his Hindi film Madholal-keep Walking for which he won Best Actor Award at the 33rd Cairo International Film Festival and also for his Bengali film Bibar at Osian Cinefan in New Delhi.