Star serves up a festival of Indian dishes

By Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi

ACCLAIMED actress Sakshi Tanwar also hosts television series Tyohaar Ki Thaali on Epic Channel. She prepares delightful dishes on the popular show, which celebrates foods, festivals and Indian culture. Sakshi spoke with Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the show, her love for cooking, hosting and more. 

How does Tyohaar Ki Thaali retain the original flavours of India? 
There are traditional recipes from festivals. I have followed homemade recipes including ones from our family for the show. We covered lots of festivals in the 26episode series. There are two recipes for every festival. We have tried keeping it as original, authentic and traditional as possible.

What food culture fascinates you most? 
I know only about Indian culture. This is the first time I’m getting to know so many more things about it. It has been a very interesting journey and I really enjoyed trying out all these recipes. I’ve learned so many things about festivals including stories behind the food. It’s been a very enriching experience.

 What kind of a foodie are you? 
I can’t really say I am a foodie because I eat very basic or homemade food, but during festivals everyone likes to indulge and so do I. Now I know the recipes, I think the food indulgence will increase.

Tell us more about the show. 
I’ll be sharing two recipes every episode, which will be related to a particular festivity. Apart from that there will be a lot of stories about festivals and food. I will share lots of my memories and personal experiences with audiences for the first time. These memories are related to festivals, childhood days, the kind of dishes cooked at home, food stories of my granny and more. It’s a mixture of many things. Lots of food and many stories.

How did you feel hosting the show? 
I was a little nervous because in acting one has to learn lines and deliver dialogues in front of the camera, but here I had to talk and cook simultaneously. Initially, it was very tiring because I had to make two to three recipes in a day. I thought it would be manageable, but then realised festival foods are so elaborate and detailed that I was on my toes for nearly 10-11 hours daily. I gained confidence as I started getting the recipes right. Though it was physically tiring, it was mentally relaxing. I got tired at the end of the day, but was equally excited to learn new recipes the next morning.

Who is your inspiration in terms of cooking? 
I love the food my mother cooks. She is an excellent cook. In fact, everybody in my family cooks well. I never had to cook, but am glad I got an opportunity to learn so many new recipes from this show. I realised there is so much that goes into cooking a recipe. We easily complain about the faults in the food. It’s a lot of hard work. I respect all those who cook especially, our mums, housekeepers and anybody who makes an effort to cook for you. I now realise the effort that goes into cooking.