Spirit of Sahil Anand

TALENTED actor Sahil Anand has been able to show off his impressive range on film and television.

He is currently playing a key role in popular drama serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay and enjoying the challenge.

Eastern Eye caught up with the versatile star to speak about his journey, current serial, future hopes and inspirations.

How do you look back on your acting journey?
It has been a great journey so far. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is the motto that I follow. One needs to be very patient and very diligent in selecting projects. You can’t just hop on to anything and everything.

What has the experience of being in Kausatii Zindagi Kay been like?
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 has been one of the most prolific projects of my career. It is not just about the good work that you do, but also the type of people that you have around you. And this show has given me a lot. I will forever cherish the memories and the people that the show has blessed me with.

What has been the biggest challenge of playing this character?
When you play a character that is completely opposite to you, it’ll be challenging initially. But a big thank you to my director Muzu sir (Muzammil Desai) who helped me a lot in understanding the character and he also made me believe that whatever I am doing is good. So, I gradually got into the skin of the character and that was only possible because of Muzu sir.

Why do you think the serial is so popular?
Honestly, the actors and the good storyline play a massive role in making a series a huge hit. But I think the bond which all of us share off the record is so precious. And there is so much positivity on the set among all the people that it reflects in our work too. This has helped our show to become a huge massive success.

What is the acting master plan going forward?
My master plan is to do more work in the web series and film space; because nowadays the digital is quite a rage and for that I am also changing my look – so that I can easily adapt to any given character.

What would be your dream role?
I want to act in a biopic made on a sportsperson or a film made on any army personnel. I have been actively playing sports ever since I was in Chandigarh and every school there makes sure that you are a part of the extracurricular like sports. So I have been lucky like that. And having said that, I also have the physique and the body structure that could do justice to an army officer’s role.

Who is your acting hero?
Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Ranbir Kapoor! I love them for their natural acting skills on-screen.

What do you enjoy watching as an audience?
I love watching thriller and sci-fi films, and these days I am watching Lucifer on Netflix.

If you were not an actor, what would you have done for a career?
If not an actor, then I would have been an engineer. I have completed my BTech and was already working in California. So, if I were not here, I would have been an engineer working in the United States.

What inspires you?
My dreams and desires! They inspire and motivate me to work hard every single day.