Sonakshi Sinha believes talks on pay disparity leading in a positive direction

Sonakshi Sinha believes that there is still a long way to go in order to bring parity in pay; however, she said that the talk on the matter of pay disparity is leading to a positive direction.

During the release of her film Akira, Sonakshi had opinionated about pay disparity. When asked about the present scenario on the issue, Sonakshi said to IANS, “Though it is far from equalising, the talk on pay disparity has gone (in) a positive direction. It is much better now. Pay disparity between men and women – in any industry – has existed for years; so it will not change overnight. It is a constant process. The good thing is the process has started. Being an actress, I am talking about the film industry, but it exists in other fields as well – whether it is sports or business. All professionals put in equal effort, then why is there a gender bias in pay?”

Speaking about her latest release Ittefaq which followed the strategy of no promotion of the film, Sonakshi said, “It was a refreshing change for me to not promote the film before its release. At times, I think, at least for me, promoting the film is (more) challenging than performing in it. On the other hand, promotion and marketing are such a huge investment. This kind of no-promotion strategy saves money.”

Sonakshi believes that people’s decision for watching a movie is based on the trailer of the film rather than its promotional activities. Commenting about how she chooses to watch a movie, Sonakshi said, “Star power does not work for me. If I like the trailer and the subject is interesting, I go for the film. I think even the audience judges (films) that way these days.”

From typical Hindi film heroine to modern-day actress, speaking about her transition in her image as an actress, Sonakshi said, “Once we actors gain a certain reach and popularity in the beginning of our career, we can afford the experimentation. I think I am really fortunate that in just seven years, I have had a chance to work on such a variety of roles. I am here in the film industry because of Salman Khan. I had no dream as a little girl to become a heroine… So whether it is an image change or having a set fan following, I think, starting my career with ‘Dabangg’ worked for me in many ways.”

Talking about her forthcoming project Happy Bhag Jayegi Returns, she said, “I am so happy playing a Punjabi girl in the film. You know my father is a Bihari and my mother is a Sindhi, but I am Punjabi in my head… So, playing a Punjabi on screen is so much fun.”