Sidharth and Jacqueline excited for their movie – ‘A Gentleman’

‘A Gentleman’ is all set to release on August 25. Sidharth Malhotra, who will be seen playing a double role in this movie, admits that portraying a dual role was really a fun experience.

And to that Sidharth Malhotra said, “It takes a lot more effort when you portray two different versions of a person in a movie. But I really enjoyed doing it, it was a fun experience. It is first time that I am doing such a role. Raj and DK have written the character really beautifully, which really made easier for me to do that character.” The actor then also shared that the movie is not just about his double role but it has a great twist to it.

Talking about the unique poster of the movie the film’s lead actress Jacqueline Fernandez revealed that it is not just a poster, it is actually a scene from the movie and it illustrates the story of the film.

The film sees the story of mistaken identities of Rishi and Gaurav, portrayed by Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline will be seen playing the role of Kavya.