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Shyamlal fights water shortage from last 27 years and still continuing

It’s been 27 years that a 42-year-old man Shyamlal from Koriya district’s Chirmiri, Chhattisgarh, has been fighting against all odds to bring water in his area. He has been digging a pond by cutting the earth from 27 long years and has been continuing its campaign till now.

But Shyamlal’s story derives its root from family sufferings.

Shyamlal’s area had the shortage of water due to which his relatives had to travel to far away areas for collecting water. Seeing the hardship of his relatives, Shyamlal decided to dig a pond in his area to fight this problem.

And, after a long interval and efforts of 27 years, water has begun to collect in Shyamlal’s pond. But the sad part of his story is that he has not received any government or personal help in his campaign until now.

Now, district collector Narendra Kumar Dugga assured him help.

To which Shyamlal said, “I have been digging this pond since last 27 years and I had faced a lot of distress in these years but despite all the suffering I have been continuing my efforts. No one from the government in last 26 years came for help. On August 25, our MLA came and promised Rupees 10,000 cheque, but I haven’t received the cheque yet.”

Not relying on government, Shyamlal said he will continue to expand the pond even if he is provided no help from the government’s side.

District collector Narendra Dugga came to know about Shyamlal’s plight to which he said, “I am extremely happy that people like Shyamlal still exist in this district who are doing so much of hard work. I will immediately look into the matter and see what all help I can provide him from government’s side.”