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Shraddha Kapoor: I tried my best for the role Haseena

Shraddha Kapoor who is playing the role of Haseena Parkar, in her biopic has previously revealed that she has gained weight for her much-anticipated role, to which she said: “I have played the role of Haseena to the best of my ability.”

Shraddha told that she got in touch with her family to get a sense of the character, who she did not know of till she was approached for the role. “I loved the story. It’s a real-life character, who has suffered so much loss in her life. The film was challenging for me,” said the 30-year-old actor.

Shraddha said that she missed the opportunity to have met the real Haseena Parker but has tried to live up to the director’s vision. “My approach towards doing this film was the same as any other film, it is based on the vision of the director and we have tried to stay true to the story and the character.”

Apoorva Lakhia directs both Shraddha and her brother Siddhanth (who plays Dawood) in the movie – this is the first time the brother-sister duo will be seen together on screen.

Talking about her role, Shraddha elaborated: “I knew nothing about her. From family members, you get personal anecdotes, how the person is in real life, the personality traits. The insight from her (Haseena’s) family was valuable to try and understand how she needs to be portrayed on the big screen.”

Shraddha has visibly gained weight to play the older version of Haseena and said she needed prosthetics even after the extra kilos she put on. “I tried my best to gain weight and I managed to gain seven-eight kilos. We took help of prosthetics to make me look like Haseena Parkar. I have tried to imbibe her mannerisms and the way she speaks, walks etc. It is entirely my voice, we have not doctored it.”