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Shia Cleric greets Allahabad High Court’s decision on national anthem

There has been an ongoing debate whether the National Anthem should be sung and responding to that Shia Cleric Yasoob Abbas on Thursday welcomed the ruling of the Allahabad High Court on singing of the national anthem in state madrasas, saying country always comes before religion.

Yasoob Abbas said, “I welcome the decision of the Allahabad High Court, which dismissed the petition against the singing of the national anthem in Uttar Pradesh madrasas. I believe country always comes before religion.”

Further stressing on the issue, he said every person should sing the national anthem and the national song and should not insult them.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Allahabad High Court turned down a petition challenging Uttar Pradesh government order that made singing the national anthem compulsory in all schools, including madrasas. “The petitioner was unable to refer to or draw our attention to any material which may have even remotely established that the singing of the national anthem would violate the beliefs and customs of students attending madrasas in the state,” the court observed.

Abbas even lashed out at the petitioner, who filed the case against the decision of the Uttar Pradesh Government and said there was “no need to go to court”.

The petition was filed by Alaul Mustafa, who runs a madrasa in Uttar Pradesh’s Mau District. He had challenged the government’s order by which singing of the national anthem was made mandatory.

Mustafa in his petition made a request for issuance of a direction to not to force students of madrasas in the state to sing the national anthem.