Shatrughan Sinha supports Vijay, calls the issue addressed in Mersal as legitimate

Bollywood’s former actor and BJP member, Shatrughan Sinha has voiced his support to Tamil film Mersal’s star Vijay in the wake of the controversy of the film which had sparked debate on dialogues of the film related to GST and the Digital India programme. He insisted people to support the movie instead of creating hullabaloo about a valid issue.

“Why are we so defensive about a perfectly legitimate issue that has been raised in the Tamil film regarding healthcare and the GST? As entertainers and actors with powerful voices we have a certain duty towards the public to make them aware of socio-political issues. Why is it such a crime if Vijay who is a very powerful Tamil actor, reminds us that the poor in our country desperately need healthcare?” Sinha said.

Referring to those who took a stand against the movie and calling for the deletion of dialogues that directs GST and Digital India programme, Sinha said that they don’t endorse BJP’s official view.

“Has anyone heard the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) or any of the top leaders commenting on the issue? It is only some elements in our party who are eager to prove that they are more loyal than the others. They are the ones jumping in to attack this perfectly harmless and very significant point raised in the film. Instead of attacking Vijay and questioning his credentials we should all take his words seriously and work towards improving healthcare in our country,” Sinha said.

Sinha believes that there is no damage in labelling mistakes of the government.

“We should gracefully accept that demonetisation was a mistake. I was one of the first to point it out that it was not right. So many have lost their jobs, all their savings. Likewise perhaps even the GST is not what it was meant to be. If so, let’s admit out mistake, let’s roll back. Let’s not be ashamed to say we are sorry. Instead of attacking actors and artistes for drawing attention to anomalies in the workings of our democracy, we should applaud them. Valid criticism must be equally welcome from Amar, Akbar and Anthony,” he said.

He claims that the propaganda of the film is evident due to BJP.

“Thanks to all the noise that was made over a few dialogues in the film by my overzealous party members, the film has attracted much more attention that it would have otherwise. The makers of Mersal must be thankful to the BJP,” he ended.