Shah Rukh Khan likely to star opposite Priyanka Chopra in Salute

Owing to creative differences, it was reported that Aamir Khan has walked out of Rakesh Sharma’s biopic Salute which is helmed by Mahesh Mathai and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur. The film was titled earlier as Saare Jahan Se Acha, which is supposedly a famous line of the Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma when asked about to describe India from space.

Reports suggest that the actor is prepping up for a big film under his production banner and hence, he wants to lay his complete focus on the same.

According to the reports in a leading Indian daily, Shah Rukh Khan is likely to be roped in for Salute. There were also reports about Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh being considered for the film, however, Shah Rukh Khan seems to be racing ahead of all the actors in the list for the role.

If the suggested reports are confirmed to be true, then Shah Rukh Khan will be playing the role opposite Priyanka Chopra who is also the top contender for the female lead in the film.

Earlier, a source from the industry revealed about Aamir’s backing out of the project, the source said, “When Siddharth Roy Kapur launched his own production house, one project that he had announced, was based on the life of astronaut Rakesh Sharma and the shooting was to go on the floors only after Thugs Of Hindostan was complete. It was a 2018 release. Aamir was approached to play Rakesh Sharma, in a conversation started with Siddharth way back in 2016, but the star is not doing the film anymore. They were developing the script but Aamir did not like the way it finally shaped up. Everybody knows that his script sense is brilliant so in that form, so if he does not like a script there has to be something wrong with it. And while he’s very fond of Siddharth, Aamir is not someone who will do a film if he’s not 100 percent convinced of it. He discussed this with the creative team and conveyed his decision to them. Siddharth understood Aamir’s reasons as he knows that’s how the Aamir works.”