Shah Rukh Khan claims to have not done anything for the love of money

Although being the higest paid actor in Bollywood, money has never been the factor for Shah Rukh Khan to sign films or business projects. He still considers himself a lower middle class boy, who got more than expected.

“(Money) never did and it never will. I am well to do and God has been kind to me in every aspect of my life – professionally, economically and financially and more than that emotionally I have never ever done anything for the love of money,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

“I say this from the point of view of a lower middle class boy, who has had much more than he had imagined or dreamt of in the wildest of dreams. People may think I am an entrepreneur, but I have never done anything for the liking or love of money. I do things because I love doing them,” Shah Rukh Khan said in an event.

The actor mentioned that youngsters should be driven by goals than money. “I would say this to every youngster that if you desire to do something one of the things that we surely follow is money but (I think) it is the least important gaps that we try to fill in when we try to do something as work, job or love and hobby,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan added that he is elated about the forthcoming motivational talk show and anticipates that it will connect with people as much as it does to him.