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Secret Ballot Producer Marco Muller finds no plagiarisation in Newton

Recently, there were reports about Rajkummar Rao starrer Newton being a copy of an Iranian movie Secret Ballot. However, as per the reports, the producer Marco Muller of Secret Ballot has himself confirmed that Newton is not a plagarization of Secret Ballot.

Standing in support to Newton, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap had sent a link of the film Newton to Muller. Muller commended the movie and permitted Kashyap to share his response on social media.

On Monday Kashyap wrote, “With over enthusiastic media and our cinephiles with over active imagination .. who called “Newton” a copy of “Secret Ballot” is what the producer of “Secret Ballot ” said to me after watching Newton. I requested the link of Newton from its director and send it to Marco Muller , the producer. And he wrote back “A pretty decent film, definitely no rip off from our Secret Ballot (even if the general concept is the same )” and then I asked him if I can share his response on Social Media ? He replied ,”please feel free as you see fit, there is not even a hint of plagiarisation” .. below is the screen shot.”

Kashyap also showed his support to Newton on his Twitter handle by writing, “That day when you wake up to the news that a deserving film makes a deserving box office .. Newton Shines .. super happy. “Newton” is as much a copy of “Secret Ballot” as The Avengers is of Watan Ke Rakhwale. Newton is an award winner from Berlin Fest and I can promise you those curators watch more films in a year than rest of us do in a lifetime.”

Speaking to a leading Indian daily, Amit Masurkar mentioned that Newton has not been copied from any movies.

He said, “It would be best if people watch both films before deciding or writing an article. We hadn’t even heard of Secret Ballot when we were writing the script. Newton is very rooted. If it was a copy, do you think Berlin, Tribeca would have programmed it?”