Searching for the divine

WISDOM: Sadhguru
WISDOM: Sadhguru


EXISTENCE happens in two different dimen­sions. One is the non-dual, the oneness. The oth­er is the many manifestations of the dual. All manifestations of life are fundamentally rooted in duality – like light and darkness, male and fe­male, life and death. Because two are there, all the games are happening. If there was only one, there would be no game. There would be just existence.

Always, duality is trying to meet because what was one has manifested itself as two. So, all the time there is a longing to become one again. This longing to become one finds expression in many ways. When you are young and your intelligence is hi­jacked by your hormones, physical sex will be the way. When you become middle-aged, when your intelligence is hijacked by your emotion, love will be the way. Only if you transcend all this, when you seek this union on a much higher level of aware­ness, then we say it is yoga.

These two energies which we call male and fe­male are constantly trying to come together. In this process, there are certain functions nature wants to fulfill, like procreation and survival of the species. Sex is just two opposites making an attempt to be­come one. The intention is good, but the method is hopeless. If you are seeking oneness through the physical, you may have a few moments of make-believe unity, but physical bodies can never be­come one. Unless you transcend the physical, there is no question of oneness. “I don’t want any one­ness. I am just seeking pleasure.” That is okay, but you will see it is not enough. A human being will not be satisfied with it. He wants something more. Something more than what he is right now.

Most sex-based relationships are entered into not for love or joy, but because people feel lost and in­secure by themselves. The more you are identified with your physical body, the more insecure you become because this body is never safe. The next moment, anything could happen. The need for sex increases dramatically when people are insecure.

Physically, there is just a small difference be­tween a man and a woman. But people made such a big issue out of it. This is where the whole exploi­tation of women started. If you had no problem with the biology, you would not make a distinction between man and woman. What this person is worth, that is all that should matter.

To make a simple physical act beautiful, people always add emotion to it, because without emotion, you would feel like an animal. Sex is a natural thing. It is there in the body. But sexuality is something that you created. It is psychological. If sex is in the body, it is fine. The moment it enters your mind, it becomes per­version. Sex is just a small aspect of life, but in today’s world, it has become a huge aspect. That is not healthy.

This need between two biological entities of the same species is fine as a survival process, but if you are seeking anything beyond survival, it will never be enough. Only when a person transcends the limitations of duality, the Divine manifests itself. If there is something that you can refer to as the Di­vine, where can it be? It has to be everywhere. What faculty do you have to experience something which is everywhere? Right now, the only faculties of expe­rience within you are the five senses.

The five sense organs cannot experience any­thing if there is no comparison. Only because there is darkness, you know what light is. Only because there is silence, you know what sound is. Your sense organs always perceive everything in comparison, they cannot perceive anything in its totality. The same situation is happening with the Divine. When there is nothing to compare, how will you recognise it? How will you experience it? Within the limita­tions of the five sense organs, there is no possibility.

Seeking the Divine is not something that you have to start as a project now. From the moment of your birth, the seeking is happening, but uncon­sciously. One expression of unconscious seeking of the Divine is called sex. If your seeking finds a con­scious expression, then we call it a spiritual process.

If you are seeking oneness beyond all the limita­tions of your body, emotion and thought, then we call it yoga. A spiritual process does not mean going to the temple, or believing what somebody said. It simply means that you are seeking tools to go be­yond the limitations of five sense perceptions and experience the union beyond the separation and isolation caused by physicality.

Sadhguru, a yogi, is a visionary, humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. An author, poet and in­ternationally-renowned speaker, Sadhguru’s wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our percep­tion of life. See for more details