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Salman Khan condemns casting couch in Bollywood

During the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Salman Khan disgraced the phenomenon of casting couch and said that if he encounters any then he would take them to the cleaners.
Speaking about the issue of casting couch existing in the film industry, the actor said to IANS, “No one has come and confirmed it. I have been there for the longest time, my father has been here (for) more (time) than me. Till today I have not heard anyone come and say it straight out. Now, being a beautiful woman or a man, someone or the other is going to flirt with you.”

Adding further, he said that casting couch is not similar to harassment, Salman said, “If someone is there with a principle that you have to sleep with them to get a job, then it is the most disgusting thing ever. I have not heard anything like this. If a lady or a man comes up to me and tells me that something of the sort has happened with them, I will take them down to the cleaners.”

Talking about whether he had a hassle free life and his public image, he said, “I had the most boring life, it was your fraternity (media) that made it interesting… If one had to come and live my life, that person would find it boring and hectic. For the last 30 years, I am told I am misunderstood. How can someone be misunderstood for decades. The kind of life I have led is the kind everyone has led. I have been working 24 hours, seven days a week. The rest you hear is because people are running their own shows. It’s a hardworking life I have led. I still live in a one-bedroom apartment. My parents also believe that I must have said something wrong, until they watch the clip.”

The actor who is been charged for multiple cases feels that the show must go on, he said, “I have to smile, go to interviews, romance on-screen even if I am worried about my court cases.”

When asked about nepotism in the film industry, Salman Khan claims that he is unaware of any such term and that he got to know only when Kangana Ranaut highlighted it.

“A manager cannot get a successful person work. But, a management company can get work by being persistent for those people who are not doing well for themselves. But it only depends on how focused, how hardworking that management company is. So most of them want to sign big stars, which is a damn good thing. But then they need to concentrate on people who have potential,” he said.