Saif Ali Khan

Ever since Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Khan decided upon to become an actor, Saif Ali Khan is concerned about his daughter’s career in Bollywood. Currently shooting for Abhishek Kapoor’s directorial Kedarnath, Sara Khan will play the lead role opposite Sushant Singh Rajput.

“I am concerned for her, which is pretty normal for any father. But, I wouldn’t say I am nervous because I am not living vicariously through her,” said Khan to a leading Indian daily.

Being an experienced actor in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan is familiar with the in and out of the industry. He believes that the industry can be an unkind place to survive. Saif said, “What worries me is the kind of relationships she is going to have. Or for that matter, how she will deal with failure — will she get upset and cry about them? These are things that niggle at me.”

Saif Ali Khan further added on how Sara Khan chose her film without having any assistance from him. He said,  “She simply came to me and told me that she is doing Kedarnath. We never discussed the script in detail, as I don’t think my opinion matters. Since it is her independent decision, she is happy to either fly with it or go down with it.”

On being asked about his advice to his daughter, Saif said, “I’m happy Sara is doing something she is passionate about. The only thing I have told her is to stay true to her job as an artiste. But Kareena [Kapoor Khan] pointed out that I started taking interest in my work only recently and found my way. I hope she too finds her way.”