Saif Ali Khan: I don’t know if we have lost song and dance culture

Saif Ali Khan said that the song and dance culture in Bollywood is slowly diminishing.

“The films would even get big opening if the songs were a hit. As we have grown or changed, there is less and less songs. I don’t know if it is a good thing (or not).”

“In the outskirts of India and rural areas, and in cabs, people listen to Hindi music a lot. I think part of hero’s charm is to sing songs. I don’t know if we have lost that culture (or not),” Saif said.

Recently, Saif spoke at the launch of Swagpur Ka Chaudhary song from his upcoming film Kaalakaandi.

“It is a great song. When we do a film, we need music to promote it and make it more interesting,” he added.

As the year 2017 saw the debacle of Saif’s two films-Rangoon and Chef, Saif spoke about how 2017 has been for him so far, he said,  “It wasn’t particularly great professionally. But it was a very interesting experience. I learnt a lot about acting and worked with lot of wonderful people, who taught me new things. I am a changed actor to what I was when I was doing Phantom… I have managed to keep abreast and move with the current style and it is the greatest thing I could have achieved.”

Saif further added that his plan for 2018 is to keep moving ahead and he also expects that audiences are impressed with his performance after watching Kaalakaandi. Helmed by Akshat Verma, the film is slated to release on January 12, 2018.