Sachin Gupta interview: I like to eat, drink and sleep music

Sachin Gupta is an Indian music director, composer, guitarist, record producer and a Singer. He has been composing indie pop albums for artists like Atif Aslam, Alisha Chinoy, Jal, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Apache Indian, Mika Singh and much more. Sachin Gupta was born in a family of doctors and was introduced to guitar at age 7 by his mother and ever since he took music as his calling in life. He has performed at over 600 concerts across various countries including Dubai, London, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Sachin has made a variety of songs under various genres. He has been working with the Bollywood since 2007 and has worked in films like Finding Fanny, Table No. 21, Prince and much more.

Recently he has worked with Sadhguru and has composed songs for him. So, to know more about him EasternEye has few Q&A with him. Where he mentioned how he entered in Bollywood and his upcoming projects.

  • You were born into a family of doctors how did you end up becoming a musician?

Dad said music is the best medicine and I guess I am using music as medicine which I love and adore. So, I believe I do heal through music.

  • Was your family supportive of your decision?

Yes, I am very lucky that my family was very supportive of my decision. They love what I am doing and keeps saying that they are proud of me that I followed my dream.

  • If not a musician what you wish to be?

He laughed and said he wishes to be like Einstein and would love to live for physics.

  • You have worked as a Lyricist; can you share your experiences?

When we compose a song, we tend to write few lines and sometimes even end up completing it. But never thought of it like a job so it’s an inbuilt system response and it feels amazing.

  • You direct, sing and write songs so which one you prefer the most?

I love and live for music. All these forms are music and sound for me. Directing, singing and writing are something that I care like my kids so I can’t say which one I prefer, as all three are the same and I love them all.

  • Who are your inspiration and your idol?

My greatest inspiration is my mom and then comes everything around me, even a truck sound or a sound of fan inspires me in some way or the other.

  • In your free time, what do you like to do? What are your hobbies?

He smiled and said that he likes to eat, drink and sleep music. Music keeps me busy every time.

  • What difference in the music industry have you seen from the time you have started till now?

The only difference I see is that my age is changing rest all are still the same. But yes, the full film scoring and music has changed to a new trend of singles so everyone has more options and opportunity to rise and connect with mass.

  • How was your experience working with Sadhguru? How did the song Nadiyaan happen?

I must tell you that working with Sadhguru was a divine experience. More than work it’s an experience that will leave you spell bound and makes you aware of what you are made of. It’s the first time ever that Sadhguru ever sang outside Isha sounds; so, I feel blessed. I was really overwhelmed when he like the tune an agreed to lend his voice. I must say “A voice par excellence of normal vocal chords and with divine connect”.

  • The song Nadiyaan have many singers, so was it difficult to handle such a big project? And what new experience did you have from this song?

All singers are my friends so I thank them for their support and I would say it was a fun filled experience of joy, bliss and dance. And at the same time making everyone aware of the rally. It was for rivers awareness campaign so we all had a great experience.

  • You have done many stage shows and concerts so how do you like doing it?

Well after working everything inside the studio going on stage makes me feel like I am letting my child out to the world and when people appreciate and sing along with me my songs I feel I did a good job.

  • Any upcoming projects that you are working on that you would like to share with your audiences?

I have just released my new single called Mere bin on and it is been a hit so would love all to hear it and share.

  • Any message to your fans?

Spread love and make the world a better place. Stay happy and say no to hatred. One world! one love!