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Birthday boy Rajeev Khandelwal considers himself to be an ordinary guy

With immense popularity and fan following, television star Rajeev Khandelwal is best known for his remarkable performances in shows like Kahin Toh Hoga, Left Right Left, Sach Ka Saamna and a Bollywood film Aamir.

As the actor is celebrating his birthday today, Rajeev opened up about his brave attitude towards taking up risks. Talking to a leading Indian daily, Rajeev said, “These were never risks I would say. But I was farsighted to know that if I wanted to play a long innings I would need to take these steps. I didn’t want to be a flash in the pan – someone who is shining today but vanishes tomorrow. I am still around. You still gave me a charming smile when I saw you. So that is what I wanted. I never wanted my work to be dated. I always wanted to be in reckoning and so whatever decisions I took were my instincts.”

Speaking further about his fan following and fan memories, he said, “It’s every guy’s dream that when women look at you, they give a smile. So it brings a smile on my face. I never took it too seriously though. I always felt that it was for the character and not for me. When girls look at me they project their own dreams and fantasies on me. But in reality I am completely normal and I don’t have any of those qualities. It is beautiful when somebody gives a smile to you, but you have to be honest and practical to know that is not for you, that is for the image they have in their head.”

Unlike many actors who make their active presence in social media and do public appearances, Rajeev has always maintained a stern distance from the same. Speaking about it, he said, “That’s my nature. I am not comfortable being on social media or partying. I believe that I am not that big a person to let people know what I am doing, where I am vacationing. So why would I tell everyone about it. I have very few followers on Twitter and I have kept my handle as such so that people don’t know it’s me. I didn’t get my account verified too. I have a life which is equally important as my work.”

Adding further, Rajeev shared a fan memory, by stating,  “Of course there are a lot of intimidating memories, lot of scary ones too. I’ve had moments where I have been totally blown over and have thought that is this for me because I am a very ordinary guy and they don’t even realize who they are making these sacrifices for. I do not like to recall moments, but there are plenty of them, plenty of them.”

When asked about his willingness to do Bigg Boss, the actor said, “No. When the show started in 2005, I was approached even then. But I am not cut out to participate in any reality show. I can’t put my emotions on display for money. I am not comfortable with it. As far as hosting is concerned, I will keep doing it.”

On a concluding note, Rajeev signed off by giving a message to his fans, “You all have blessed my life. I have had beautiful memories and I am still making memories. They have given me enough love to last my lifetime. And thank you so much and I hope I continue to live up to your expectations.”